WIAW – Eats & Updates

*sigh of relief*  I’m alive!  In two days – 2 exams, 1 project, 1 essay – done.  And I can relax for a night or two before getting back to the grind stone.  My google reader hates me now, there are over 100 blog posts I have not even looked at.  Which barely ever happens!  But I now have a little time for internet use, so I will reappear at some point.

Since I’ve been studying and stressing like a crazy person, I haven’t really taken very many pictures of my food.  So this edition of What I Ate Wednesday is a compilation of eats from the past week.  And some other things thrown in at the end.  But the food part is more important.

Check out Jenn‘s lovely site to see what’s up at the WIAW link party!

The Eats:

IMG 2724

pumpkin spiced muffin goodness

Somehow I still had to make muffins.  Many people were appreciative.

IMG 2738

delicious oat groats!

the topping/sauce was Katie’s amazing protein frosting. If you have sun warrior, try this, you will not regret it.

IMG 2739

1 egg + 1 egg white, stuffed with chard, topped with squash sauce, and a warm hummus wrap on the side.

The perfect, fluffy, stuffed omelet – I’ve reached the point where I can get it right every time!  This has become a staple high-protein, low-budget, delicious meal.  Sometime in the future, expect an omelet cooking-tutorial.

IMG 2745

spinach pancakes with pre-roasted eggplant & hemp seeds. savory goodness!

Inspired and based on Kristina’s recipe.  Except I used egg whites and spelt flour, added some spices (garam masala!) and downsized the recipe.  I think I’ve finally found a satisfying pancake!  And strangely it’s not even sweet.  Apparently I like my greens more than my sweets?

IMG 2751

this squash was delicious, but gave me some trouble. keep reading to find out.

This is my interpretation of the boy scout motto.  Always have snacks, preferably squash.

IMG 2752

crazy veggie plate!

IMG 2760

this one was carob & peanut flour & pumpkin

return of the giant protein cake!

The Updates:

IMG 2723

if you see this in your TJ's, buy 2. or 3.

I finally decided to give the boxed cake mix pumpkin muffin ‘trick’ a try.  My mix (okay, I de-simplified it a little): 1 box pumpkin bread and muffin mix, 1 can pumpkin purée, 2 milled chia ‘eggs’, 1/4 cup almond milk, 2 t pumpkin pie spice.  I brought them to campus and shared them with some friends – and they got rave reviews.

A few days later, this happened.

IMG 2741

silly little kabocha made my knife slip. ouch.

I was cutting into my perfectly shaped, blemish free (no pics, sorry) kabocha using my roommate’s large knife, which is not super high quality, and definitely not that sharp.  The cut is not pretty, and that bandage barely covers it.  But I’ll spare you the gory details.

That little incident prompted this:

IMG 2756

8" chef's knife, victorinox. not super fancy, but decent and sharp.

Given the amount of squash and other vegetables I prepare, I have debated spending the money on a decent knife.  Seriously, I’ve been thinking about it for weeks!  Hopefully this guy likes vegetables over fingers.

IMG 2758

filter cone coffee love. ceramic > plastic.

This is seriously the most efficient way to make a single cup of coffee.  Minimal time, effort, and cleaning required.  Also, get a ceramic one if you can find one.  Chemical free, and holds the heat better!

I really hope I have time for some real posts this week.  I have so many things I want to write about!

What’s the best thing you’ve eaten recently?

Sweet or savory pancakes?

How do you make your single-serve coffee?


Always Fashionably Late (WIAW)

Never have I ever been one of the first 150 or so bloggers to link up for What I Ate Wednesday!  Maybe it’s because I always choose to post Wednesday’s eats, as opposed to Tuesday’s.  Tuesday is usually my worst day of the week, I have at least 4 classes with really awkward 1 hour breaks.  So Wednesday it will stay, and I will alway’s be fashionably late to Jenn’s fabulous party.

Let’s get to it!

IMG 2624

OIAJ! I went with overnight oat bran, though I still think I prefer hot oats in a jar. lots of cinna on top!

IMG 2625

second part of breakfast: amazingly tasty organic Bartlett pear

coffee on the go! made a boring class much more bearable

IMG 2626

perfectly ripe pre-workout banana

IMG 2630

the return of the green post-workout smoothie!

IMG 2631

grilled sandwich. best decision ever: hummus, mustard, greens, squash sauce, (invisible) peppers, on sprouted grain bread

IMG 2632

organic gala (not as good as honeycrisp) and goat gouda! apples & cheese = delish.

IMG 2633

it's okay to have chocolate as an appetizer, right?

IMG 2640

homemade coconut curry! with quinoa, chickpeas, eggplant, brussels sprouts, and other stuff. So glad I made a huge pot of it 🙂

Now, sipping on a coconut chai green tea (no photo…) and about to tackle some physics homework and coding.

Have you ever made your own curries?  What’s your favorite way to do it?

Best thing you’ve eaten recently?

WIAW all over the place.

I love Wednesdays – because it means I get to walk around my campus of 50,000 students, and look like a total idiot taking random pictures of my food.  And nobody know the secret, the wonder that is What I Ate Wednesday! As always, a big thank you to Jenn for hosting this fantabulous link party 🙂   If you haven’t yet, check out her site to see some great foodie creations from bloggers everywhere.

Eats were a little all over the place today, thanks to my silly class schedule –  I did the best I could to capture it all… i think?

IMG 2300

pumpkin spiced coffee, creamy quinoa açai bowl with cinnamon

I added some pumpkin pie spice to my coffee grounds before brewing – and I can’t believe I’ve never done this before.

IMG 2302

peanut flour / carob post-workout protein muffin

IMG 2304

mmm popcorn. this time completely plain, air popped in the microwave.

IMG 2311

dinner - beanz 'n cheeze stuffed pepper, perfectly baked!

I made a vegan cheezy filling out of mashed sweet potato,  tomatoes, nooch, lemon juice, spices, and a dash of maple syrup and bragg’s.

IMG 2312

rice cake with yogurt and raw caramel sauce - lovely dessert / after dinner snack

After seeing the recipe for this caramel sauce this morning and knowing that I had the ingredients on hand, I was dying to try it.  It’s not the typical overly sweet caramel, but it is still amazing.

IMG 2169

I finally got to try nakd bars! Ate the cocoa one today, and loved it.

[[thank you Nicky :-D]]

IMG 2314

and a few spoonfuls of this stuff. SO good - but unfortunately for any vegans out there, this does have dairy

I also had a few bites of this loaf, straight from the freezer.

Do you eat nut butter straight from the jar?

Best thing you have eaten recently?

WIAW number what?

Thanks so much for the lovely comments yesterday, I’m already feeling a bit better 🙂

Wednesday always needs a pick-me up.  It’s that one day of the week where you’re right between weekends, and energy starts to drag.  But now there is WIAW! The greatest foodie link party ever, hosted by Jenn!

The challenge of the day is to photograph a full day of eats, and share them with the blog world – and it’s harder than you’d think! It has been especially hard for me, as I eat on the go during the day, and get so many dirty looks from others (it’s a busy ‘campus’) when I take pictures of my food in public.  So, these are the highlights of the day!

IMG 2155

pumpkin cheesecake oats with AB and maple drizzle. Basically oats with pumpkin, spices, and a bit of cottage cheese cooked in at the end.

IMG 2158

pre-workout banana, iced Mud (!!!) and water

IMG 2159

post workout amazingness - sun warrior + chocolate coconut water mixed up in the bullet. It seriously tastes like a milkshake!

IMG 2161

late lunch / early dinner thing? brown rice sushi from M2M

IMG 2163

I made (and ate? drank?) miso soup! My cousin suggested miso for a cold, thought I'd give it a try!

IMG 2166

not as good as the ones in whole foods' bulk bins, but still delicious.

There was more snack-age that escaped the camera, as well.  Also I think I got all veggie-d out yesterday! Or rather, I just need to go shopping 🙂

Best thing you ate today?

Do you like recreating authentic ethnic foods?

Hey college… mWIAW

I know I probably say this every week, but it’s Wednesday again? Already?  I hate to say that classes are already starting to drain my energy, and if it wasn’t for Jenn hosting this fabulous link party, I probably would not be posting today.  But since I joined the merriment, there’s no way I could skip it.

I’m back to my original non-chronological form.  Far too scatterbrained today!


IMG 1939

big green smoothie! frozen figs, frozen banana, sun warrior, almond milk, maca, spinach

while munching on…

IMG 1940

puffed kamut!


I forgot to pack a lunch, so I had to buy.  Or rather, I sat in on an extra class, so I was not anticipating not having time to go home for lunch between classes.

IMG 1943

tofu & veggie combo salad from Quantum Leap. delicious, but I forgot to tell them to leave off the onions


IMG 1950

leftover fluffy millet, red pepper & squash purée, baked tofu

Snacks & Sweet Treats

IMG 1941

way too many spoonfuls of this - homemade spiced pumpkin-cashew butter.

IMG 1942

black sesame soy ice cream from Quantum Leap. I couldn't resist, but luckily it was a perfect tiny size!

IMG 1945

pre-workout hydration & carbs. this stuff is crack! better than chocolate milk, easily..

IMG 1946

real pre-workout fuel

IMG 1947

post workout - peanut flour paste burrito. so nutty & awesome!

IMG 1935

latest baking experiment - matcha donut. Using my Rishi Sweet Matcha powder instead of sugar in the recipe!

IMG 1937

they were really tasty, but rather biscuit-y. what to do...

Now I should probably go do something productive.  Write up a plan for the next 2 years of my school-life? Update my calendar?  Start on my class reading? Oh, school, welcome back.

Best thing you ate recently?