Brought to You by Orange

First of all, I apologize (again) for all the blog craziness that started yesterday.  As I mentioned in the previous dummy-post, I finally decided to move all of my content over to a private hosting account – that I’ve owned for a while now.

Unfortunately, none of the parties involved make it easy for you.  And as (I like to think) I’m  pretty good with tech & web stuff, there was no way I was going to pay over 100 dollars to get someone else to do the transfer for me.  It took a while, but I’m pretty sure everything is up and running by now – necessary plugins and all.  Nothing got lost, and everything is backed up.

On another note, I had hardly any work to do this weekend since I just finished the bulk of my midterms.  So I had a little bit of time to de-stress, which was quite nice.

Halloweekend, in pictures! [note numerous occurrences of the color orange…]

Starting the morning with green juice! and snow…

IMG 2786

It seems that now is the season for orange! Now starting with a now-to-me fruit: persimmons.  I’m not sure if I had ever tried a persimmon before, but they are easily a new favorite of mine.  I even tried both of the common varieties.  First up, the fuyu. Sliced up in a big bowl of oat groats.

IMG 2790

Next up, the hachiya.  Be careful if you buy these. They cannot be eaten when the are still hard – the astringency will dry out your mouth and make you feel sick, not fun.

IMG 2802

Instead, you have to wait until they are mushy, what would normally be considered over-ripe.  Then you can eat the flesh, but it’s impossible to cut up or bite into.  It comes out something like this:

IMG 2804

There were slices of failed (but tasty) kabocha pie.

IMG 2805

Snacks for solo adventure part 2! (click to see part one, the high line)

IMG 2806

Delicious flavor – I wish they made seasonal flavors all year round!

Dressed up and ready for this un-seasonally cold October.

IMG 2811


IMG 2817

I walked around, and admired all the delicious food and pretty things.  I didn’t go to buy or eat anything, I just needed an excuse to get out of the room after the crazy snowstorm.

There was orange aplenty!

IMG 2845

And, I got a hot chocolate on the way out, to help with the cold weather.

IMG 2854

And, what would a free weekend be without some baking?

IMG 2865

Chocolate cupcakes, slightly modified from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, spiced buttercream from

And instead of buying halloween candy (avoiding crazy addicting processed sugars), I had a few bites of nature’s candy! And maybe a cupcake. Or two.

IMG 2869

Dates = natures candy. Natural sugar for the win.

How was your halloweekend? Was it full of orange?

For self-hosted bloggers – any advice/suggestions for a smooth-running site?


WIAW – Eats & Updates

*sigh of relief*  I’m alive!  In two days – 2 exams, 1 project, 1 essay – done.  And I can relax for a night or two before getting back to the grind stone.  My google reader hates me now, there are over 100 blog posts I have not even looked at.  Which barely ever happens!  But I now have a little time for internet use, so I will reappear at some point.

Since I’ve been studying and stressing like a crazy person, I haven’t really taken very many pictures of my food.  So this edition of What I Ate Wednesday is a compilation of eats from the past week.  And some other things thrown in at the end.  But the food part is more important.

Check out Jenn‘s lovely site to see what’s up at the WIAW link party!

The Eats:

IMG 2724

pumpkin spiced muffin goodness

Somehow I still had to make muffins.  Many people were appreciative.

IMG 2738

delicious oat groats!

the topping/sauce was Katie’s amazing protein frosting. If you have sun warrior, try this, you will not regret it.

IMG 2739

1 egg + 1 egg white, stuffed with chard, topped with squash sauce, and a warm hummus wrap on the side.

The perfect, fluffy, stuffed omelet – I’ve reached the point where I can get it right every time!  This has become a staple high-protein, low-budget, delicious meal.  Sometime in the future, expect an omelet cooking-tutorial.

IMG 2745

spinach pancakes with pre-roasted eggplant & hemp seeds. savory goodness!

Inspired and based on Kristina’s recipe.  Except I used egg whites and spelt flour, added some spices (garam masala!) and downsized the recipe.  I think I’ve finally found a satisfying pancake!  And strangely it’s not even sweet.  Apparently I like my greens more than my sweets?

IMG 2751

this squash was delicious, but gave me some trouble. keep reading to find out.

This is my interpretation of the boy scout motto.  Always have snacks, preferably squash.

IMG 2752

crazy veggie plate!

IMG 2760

this one was carob & peanut flour & pumpkin

return of the giant protein cake!

The Updates:

IMG 2723

if you see this in your TJ's, buy 2. or 3.

I finally decided to give the boxed cake mix pumpkin muffin ‘trick’ a try.  My mix (okay, I de-simplified it a little): 1 box pumpkin bread and muffin mix, 1 can pumpkin purée, 2 milled chia ‘eggs’, 1/4 cup almond milk, 2 t pumpkin pie spice.  I brought them to campus and shared them with some friends – and they got rave reviews.

A few days later, this happened.

IMG 2741

silly little kabocha made my knife slip. ouch.

I was cutting into my perfectly shaped, blemish free (no pics, sorry) kabocha using my roommate’s large knife, which is not super high quality, and definitely not that sharp.  The cut is not pretty, and that bandage barely covers it.  But I’ll spare you the gory details.

That little incident prompted this:

IMG 2756

8" chef's knife, victorinox. not super fancy, but decent and sharp.

Given the amount of squash and other vegetables I prepare, I have debated spending the money on a decent knife.  Seriously, I’ve been thinking about it for weeks!  Hopefully this guy likes vegetables over fingers.

IMG 2758

filter cone coffee love. ceramic > plastic.

This is seriously the most efficient way to make a single cup of coffee.  Minimal time, effort, and cleaning required.  Also, get a ceramic one if you can find one.  Chemical free, and holds the heat better!

I really hope I have time for some real posts this week.  I have so many things I want to write about!

What’s the best thing you’ve eaten recently?

Sweet or savory pancakes?

How do you make your single-serve coffee?

To Fast

Oh hey, Friday.  And what’s this? She’s found time to blog three days in a row?  Well, I originally was going to save my discoveries post for tomorrow, but that was before I really thought about the fact that tomorrow is Yom Kippur – the second major high holiday.  This day is a day of remembrance and repentance, and we symbolically fast for a full hours to cleanse the mind and body.

Yes, you read correctly, starting at about 7pm tonight, I am not eat or drinking anything until tomorrow night.  No, I am not using it as an excuse to restrict and such, this fast is something I have done every year since I was 12.  It is a mind and body reset, a time to reflect on the year, ask forgiveness, and take a day free of bodily indulgence.  I plan to go to services in the morning, relax a little, and to reset.  I’m going to use this time mostly for self-reflection, as I don’t really know where I stand with my belief in God at this point in my life.  But I am always happy to be in the presence of those who do strongly believe.  I love the energy.

So before I disappear for a day, here are some things that made my week awesome:

1. Soft Serve Fruit Co.

IMG 2409

banana with chopped apples and carob chips

I’ve been here a few times before, but I’m taking advantage of the last semi-warm weather.  No, this is not froyo – it’s all fruit! Frozen, and dispensed in the typical froyo machine.  They have 4 different flavors at a time, but I went with the tried and true – banana.  It’s always so creamy.

2. Rawganique organic hemp backpack

IMG 2419

there's even a padded pouch in the big pocket for a laptop!

3. My kitchen setup – or lack thereof.

IMG 2427

I love my foreman grill! Good for toast, grilling veggies, you name it

yup, this is all the counter space I have.

4. Green Juice.

IMG 2436

refreshing green goodness!

I don’t think I ever craved green juice before, but I wanted bad the other day.  I looked at Gena’s post on NYC juice bars to find the closest place for a juice right on campus.  Juice Generation was it!  I got the Supa Dupa Greens, and loved every sip.

5. Homemade Nut Milk!

IMG 2454

not a pretty picture, but I made cashew milk! Seriously, if you have a blender, nut milk is the easiest thing ever.

6. No food goes to waste.

IMG 2461

What did I do with leftover cashew pulp? Make cookies.

I love raw cookies.  These had cashew pulp, date purée, chia seeds, cacao nibs & vanilla.

7. I got new skull candies!!

IMG 2465

My new babies. In white! that way I can confuse people and with a quick glance they'll think I have ipod headphones... haha!

I know I could have easily spent less money, but the amazing sound quality and perfect fit is so worth it.  When I went to buy these, I realized that they’ve actually stopped making them!  I may have to purchase an extra pair just in case.

Now I’m off to complete my fast!

Have you ever fasted for religious or spiritual reasons?

What was one little thing that made your week awesome?


Well, at this point I’m pretty much all moved in to my dorm room.  I’m living in the same building as last year, so it was a rather easy transition.  I’m so excited to be back here, it feels like coming home 🙂  There are so many places and things that I’ve missed, some of which I have made it a point to visit in my first days here.

My workouts and adventures from the past few days, in completely unrelated pictures and bullet points.

IMG 1523

mudtruck coffee - the best street coffee ever. I even buy the grounds for my coffee at home.

  • monday’s workout: 40 min walk to and from campus from my friend’s place, 2x30min walk to and from my friend’s place and my dorm, with my baggage.
IMG 1524

amazing asian convenience store, now has a location right on campus!

  • Tuesday’s workout: slow 3ish mile run (I wasn’t tracking anything) – pain-free!  I alternated walking and running 5 mins and walking 1-2 mins.  so exhilarating!
IMG 1528

enough said. I actually managed to go in and NOT buy anything!

  • Wednesday’s workout: crazy hard interval workout, inspired by Lori and Michelle’s interval workouts.  Jump roping, ab circuit, and body rock’s sexy pain train workout <—love this one.  then a bit of arm strength endurance work, and yoga/stretch cool down
IMG 1530

green juice from the local health food store! refreshing.

  • I went back to my dance class today!  I take an open modern class at one of New York’s many dance studios, one that is really close to where I live.  I love the class.  It makes me feel so great and empowered.  The teacher starts with 30 mins of stretching, which is beyond amazing.  Then we only do a bit of technique work, then focus the last 30ish minutes on an actual dance.  Not an across-the-floor combination, but a real dance. The focus is on performance and confidence – not precision.  I also love the leg workout I get 🙂
IMG 1534

bulk things in ball jars!

  • I just found out the gym is open!  I’m think I’m way too excited to get back to the gym.  I’m not even sure why I love it so much, but I do.  So ready to wake up early tomorrow and get energized!
IMG 1542

first ever use of the magic bullet! overnight smoothie 🙂

IMG 1544

I was just about to leave for my run, then this happened. storage delivery! I have way too much stuff.

IMG 1545

oh hey, overnight green monster!

  • this year, every single NYU student has to get a new university ID.  Apparently all the new ones have a magnetic chip in them to make the swipe system better.  Once all 50,000 students have them.
IMG 1846

greenmarket spoils! kale, summer squash, carrots, tomatoes

  • so many errands! things for the room, kitchen, groceries, toiletries, school supplies – going borderline crazy here
IMG 1855

on-the-go liquiteria meal. the mudslide smoothie!

  • went and got my eyebrows threaded today.  I know, it’s a small vanity thing, especially because I have blonde eyebrows, but it makes me feel good and more confident, so I pay the money for it.

Phew.  And that’s not even all of it. I can’t even count the phone calls and internet time I’ve spent trying to figure out all the administrative stuff for school.  That’s the only thing I really dislike about going to a big university.  It will get done – before I start classes in less than a week. Ahh!

No question.  Tell me something interesting about your day?

Dates and Brunches

Yes, dates as in the fruit – my life is not all that exciting! It’s friday again! So of course, I have some new finds for you.

I think the biggest, truest discovery this week was covered in yesterday’s post on intuitive eating.  To tell the truth, I was really hesitant to post it, thinking that I would get some nasty replays – but the blog world has been there for me once again.  Thanks, all! Commenters, bloggers, and readers alike 🙂

A good restaurant brunch is really good.

This morning I went to breakfast/brunch at a Chicago chain called Orange with a Peel.  They call themselves a ‘contemporary’ brunch restaurant, and have some really cool things on the menu, like chai latte french toast or jelly doughnut pancakes!  I went with the tried-and-true choice.

2011 08 19 10 16 54

orange flavored coffee, with a bit of soy milk. this stuff was so.good.

2011 08 19 10 26 49

house made granola with almonds, pepitas, raisins, dried cherries, sesame seeds, hemp seed and honey. with really good toasted oats and soy milk.

2011 08 19 10 28 51

I asked them to add blueberries... unfortunately they were frozen, not fresh 😦

I apologize for the sub-par photos, I was using my phone’s camera.

Make it yourself all natural sweetener.

IMG 1305

sweet & simple date paste sweetener

made only with medjool dates, soaked and processed!  I’ve used it to sweeten my coffee and my oats so far, and it’s great!  Very light, and doesn’t change the flavor too much.  And super cheap, too!

Savory Oats. Why didn’t I do this sooner?

IMG 1294

with some mixed greens, a homemade tomato and red pepper sauce, tempeh and nooch

IMG 1297

all mixed up and ready to eat!

These made a full meal, but were light and so delicious!

Now it’s off to bed before Zumba (!!) tomorrow morning.

Do you like restaurant brunch?

Have you ever made your own sweetener or used date paste? Thoughts?

Savory oats – yes or no?