Always Fashionably Late (WIAW)

Never have I ever been one of the first 150 or so bloggers to link up for What I Ate Wednesday!  Maybe it’s because I always choose to post Wednesday’s eats, as opposed to Tuesday’s.  Tuesday is usually my worst day of the week, I have at least 4 classes with really awkward 1 hour breaks.  So Wednesday it will stay, and I will alway’s be fashionably late to Jenn’s fabulous party.

Let’s get to it!

IMG 2624

OIAJ! I went with overnight oat bran, though I still think I prefer hot oats in a jar. lots of cinna on top!

IMG 2625

second part of breakfast: amazingly tasty organic Bartlett pear

coffee on the go! made a boring class much more bearable

IMG 2626

perfectly ripe pre-workout banana

IMG 2630

the return of the green post-workout smoothie!

IMG 2631

grilled sandwich. best decision ever: hummus, mustard, greens, squash sauce, (invisible) peppers, on sprouted grain bread

IMG 2632

organic gala (not as good as honeycrisp) and goat gouda! apples & cheese = delish.

IMG 2633

it's okay to have chocolate as an appetizer, right?

IMG 2640

homemade coconut curry! with quinoa, chickpeas, eggplant, brussels sprouts, and other stuff. So glad I made a huge pot of it 🙂

Now, sipping on a coconut chai green tea (no photo…) and about to tackle some physics homework and coding.

Have you ever made your own curries?  What’s your favorite way to do it?

Best thing you’ve eaten recently?


11 thoughts on “Always Fashionably Late (WIAW)

  1. A good day of eats! I’ve made red curry before and it turned out ok, I need to try making it again. I like to add coconut milk to mine and go from there.

  2. Hey, I just came across your blog and I love it! I’ve never made my own curry, but I’ve always wanted to. I’ll have to get on that! All your food photos look delicious!

  3. I want that sandwich! And that’s saying something since I’m not usually a sandwich person. I like making curries, though mine are usually Indian-inspired instead of Thai. Making big batches is the way to do it. They always taste better the next day!

  4. I’m new to you via WIAW! That green smoothie looks just as fabulous as the quiona! I think posting wednesday’s eats is a fantastic way to stay true to WIAW … Great work even if its later gator!

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