STIAW (Some Things I Ate Wednesday)

So, it is official.  School has set in, midterm season is fast approaching, and after the school work is done I find myself with little motivation to do anything else.  Including homework.  I had a fantastic recipe all lined up to post yesterday, but there was really no time and it just didn’t happen.  I will get to it, I promise (tomorrow?)!

Anyway, Jenn makes it nearly effortless to blog on Wednesdays – by hosting the amazing WIAW link party! So, here are the eats I managed to capture for the day.  Pretty much my sit-down meals, as I usually snack in class, or on the go, and it’s a bit difficult to take pictures there.

IMG 2439

cocoa-carob protein muffin, with lightly salted peanut flour sauce!

I managed to get the exact ratio of sweet & salty in the peanut flour sauce!

IMG 2440

mud in the morning brightens any day.

Good coffee is the way to a girl’s heart. And this stuff is the best.

IMG 2442

must get to gym. need to let out energy. a bit of fuel first 🙂

I was in a hurry, so I bought 3 bananas for a dollar from one of the fruit vendors off the street.  Luckily bananas are one of the few fruits that’s totally fine to buy conventional, not organic.

IMG 2444

super-fluffy spinach omelet smothered in salsa. mmm.

For the Fluffiest eggs ever: Whisk in 1 or 2 T of milk (doesn’t matter what kind, I used soy) then cook away!

IMG 2447

mashed avocado with a sprinkle of seasoned rice vinegar, and overnight oats. eaten at 5pm.

I guess these weren’t really overnighters, as they were made a few hours before eating.  4 hour oats?

IMG 2450

spaghetti squash + doctored up marinara + roasted brussel sprouts with hemp seeds & nooch. so good, so filling!

First good home cooked dinner in a few days.

Best thing you ate today?

Do you eat/buy all organic?


13 thoughts on “STIAW (Some Things I Ate Wednesday)

  1. nice eats! I always put a splash of soy milk in my eggs to-makes it so much better and creamier! Best thing i ate today was mama pea’s african stew. it turned out a bit thicker than expected but loved it anyways.

    • I usually use 2-4 T of peanut flour, and slowly stir in the water or milk. I make it TOO think first, than add a little more liquid 1tsp at a time, mixing really well. then I add a couple pinches of salt at the end. If i’m sweetening it, i usually add a couple tsp of maple syrup before adding the rest of the liquid.

  2. Your eats all look delicious! I try to get as much as I can organic, but when it comes to more expensive things or things its ok to get not-organic (like bananas) I won’t.

  3. Your dinner looks amazing! Ideally I would eat all organic, but with a college budget it just isn’t happening. In my area it’s actually cheaper to buy local produce than go to the grocery store, so at least I can support the local farmers.

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