One for October

[[just a heads up, the pictures in this post have nothing to do with the content]]

I probably say this all the time, but oh my, how time flies!  First of all let me say thank you so much for all of your fabulous comments, especially on this post about food intolerance and discomfort – I love hearing all the different perspectives.  (And also for the compliments on my new color streak!) I promise that I read them all even if I don’t reply – and each one makes me smile.

IMG 2411

My favorite genmaicha (brown rice green tea) - the brand is yamamotoyama

But now it’s a new month, and a new chance to re-assess and re-start.  I made a great list of september goals, and to tell the truth, I think I’ve done pretty well with all of them.  Looking back, though, I can see that I didn’t challenge myself.  I made goals that were attainable, which was exactly my intention. Give myself a boost, by showing all kinds of great things I can do – and it worked.  I feel great that I can now do 8-10 real push ups in a row, or run a sub 9-minute mile without stopping or slowing down.  Now, I need to take the next step, and challenge myself to do something that is really difficult for me.

IMG 2413

the best OIAJ ever - better with hot oats than overnighters - the nut butter melts 🙂

The past two classes, my dance teacher brought up something really important – weaknesses.  In brief – we all have them, know what they are, but out of vanity and insecurity we often choose to ignore them.  He challenged us to go home, take 5 minutes and write down our career-related weaknesses.  After blowing it off after thursday’s class, I took the plunge – and took it one step further.  I also wrote down my personal, everyday life weaknesses – which is what inspired this month’s goal.  Yup, just one goal.

IMG 2421

I made these into nut butter - it took all of two minutes, they

Believe. Never say I can’t. Breathe, and just dive in.

I often have very little self-confidence, and compare myself to the people around me.  I couldn’t tell you why.  I think too much, about every move I make.  I over-analyze, and question myself – and it’s really not worth it.

IMG 2432

cheap, home cooked meal - grilled fennel & tilapia (frozen) with soy-sesame sauce & lemon pepper

So my goal for this month is to tell myself yes – I can.  I aim to catch myself in a downward spiral of “I’m not good enough” and just stop everything and breathe.  And say “Rachel, just do it – there is nothing stopping you but yourself.”

IMG 2433

raw buckwheat bowl with banana, hemp seeds, and almond milk with 1T carob powder mixed in. and a tiny spoon.

Do I expect to be able to do this every time? Do I expect to be a perfectly productive, super self-confident person by the end of this month? No.  I want to improve, to chill out a bit, and I plan to try this one little thing as often as I can.  Slip-ups are allowed – after all, I’m only human – but I’m not going to dwell on them.

IMG 2435

My pumpkin-spice coffee add-ins: So delicous vanilla creamer & Angela's ( homemade pumpkin butter.

One goal for October – stop, breathe, believe.

What are your October goals? How do you motivate yourself to believe?


4 thoughts on “One for October

  1. I love your October goal. I, too, often stop myself from trying something because of fear or a lack of confidence–or just plain old inertia. I love that you’re committing to a mantra for the month of October. Here’s to a month of believing in yourself, and a host of new accomplishments as a result!

  2. I love your goal for October. It is one of the most important goals you can have in your life. I have to learn too that I am who I am and that it is good the way I am (if you get what I mean :)). I cannot wait to read about your experiences.

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