Oh, the little things…

…are what keeps a girl going sometimes.  This week was not the smoothest, but hey, not all of them are. And now it’s time for the weekend – well, until I finish my assignment that’s due before the grader wakes up tomorrow. Ah well, anyways, there were some little things from my week:

1. M2M, the asian convenience store (now on campus!) sells single serve mochi ice cream.

IMG 2365

packaged, not organic or super clean ingredients, but delicious once in a while.

2. Roasted kabocha with a dab of almond butter and tahini.

IMG 2368

this is SO filling. and amazing - especially served warm so the nut butter melts

3. I need new workout headphones!

IMG 2376

goodbye, my dear skullcandies 😦

This isn’t really a discover.  Or little thing – but it’s important to me!  This is the first time I’ve had a pair of headphones die on me in the middle of a treadmill run.  The right ear just went silent, and made me sad.  These were my favorite headphones ever, amazing sound quality and never fell out of my ears during a workout.  But here’s the good part – I get to find new ones!  Gadget-geek Rachel loves this stuff 😛

4. New (to me) Larabar Jocolat flavor.

IMG 2387

I'm not a huge regular larabar fan - they don't really satisfy me. but these guys, so good.

5. New color = happy Rachel.

IMG 2354 copy

in the past 2 years, this little streak has gone from black, to red, purple, blue, and now this! feeling fun.

What are some of the little things that keep you going during the week?


11 thoughts on “Oh, the little things…

  1. Love this post! Firstly – love the hair! Secondly…..that kabocha with tahini and almond butter…..devine! I still haven’t tried kabocha but i’m definitely gonna try this topping combo on my next squash!

  2. Love your hair! And jocalat bars. I prefer those over larabars too because chocolate always wins! My relaxing evenings are what keeps me going. I work hard to get my work finished during the day so I can have some me time in the evening. Have a good weekend!

  3. Jocolat larabars are amazing! They usually don’t fill me up, so I have to have an apple with them or something else. I like the streak in your hair-cute!

  4. Love your hair!!! And kabocha too… omnomnom. I’m not too keen on larabars and jocolat’s either, but the new chocolate chip cherry torte larabar is amazing as well. Anything with chocolate chips keeps me going though!

  5. The froyo place in town is getting mochi flavor this month and im so psyched!! I really need to try kombucha, it looks really good. I think just fun nights out with friends keeps me going.

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