Maker’s Day

Yesterday I went to one of the biggest, most amazing convention/festivals I had been to in a long time – the Maker Faire, in Flushing Meadows Park, in queens.  No, this festival had nothing to do with food or fitness. But so many people – myself included – forget that a healthy is not only about food and workouts.  We need balance, and fun, and that what my Saturday was about.

I forced myself to put aside the massive homework assignment I have due monday, because I would not have made much progress anyway.  Instead, I nerd-ed out all day, at a giant DIY fest.

IMG 2201

they handed out some free healthy snacks!

IMG 2208

I saw the 'Sashimi Tabernacle Choir'! Yes, these fish moved and sang.

IMG 2211

I boarded & toured the BioBus

IMG 2214

saw some awesome DIY contraptions, like this knockoff segway

IMG 2219

ogled at the amazing 3D printers

IMG 2222

so. cool!

IMG 2223

I learned how to pick a lock! out...

IMG 2225

almost bought a plate of the delicious-looking vegan paella - cooked in HUGE vats!

IMG 2227

yes, there was a fire-breathing dragon.

IMG 2235

does anyone remember Mouse Trap, the board game? This one is Life-Size.

IMG 2251

We also saw some awesome circus students perform

IMG 2262

these guys are so amazing strong!

It was a blast, and I don’t regret doing it.  Yes, I may be slightly more anxious now that I have less time to get my work done, be feel so much less guilt.  If I had stayed in and worked all day, and still not gotten anything done, I would have felt worse.

In the spirit of the Maker Faire, I did a little ‘making’ of my own. In the form of two loaves.

IMG 2195

super moist banana oat-bread

This came out super moist, not too sweet.  I’m not sure if I want to tweak it or not.

IMG 2276

dark chocolate loaf, light and not too sweet

This one was bitter and bread-like, not so much like cake – but the consistency is near perfect, and it cuts like a dream.

So, I’m leaving this one up to you:

Which would you rather see the recipe for first? Banana bread or Dark Chocolate Loaf?

I hope the weekend went well for everyone.  I think we are finally getting some real autumn weather around here.  Now I’m off to finish some homework, and maybe get a little sleep.  I will certainly try 😉

What kinds of festivals to you go to for fun?


12 thoughts on “Maker’s Day

  1. Some weekends I have nothing going on and other weekends are chock full of fun stuff to do. This weekend was the latter scenario so I missed this event. I’m so glad that you posted about it. Next year I’m there for sure. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. That festival looked amazing! I recently went to two festivals up in London, The Gadget Show and Grand Designs Live (which is like a property development show here) 🙂 you’re right, its so important to put aside work every now and then and just have fun! To be honest I just spent about five minutes considering which recipe I’d rather see, but I’m completely torn because they both look so yummy!

    That festival looks so cool! I love all the neat contraptions, they must have been so cool up close and personal. I also think that those paella vats are prettty sweet – I loooove paella!

  4. I vote dark chocolate! That festival looks so cool. I would love to geek out there 🙂 I tend to gravitate toward literary events: author readings and the like. LitQuake is coming up in San Francisco, and I can’t wait!

  5. That looks like so much fun! We had buckeye frenzy today, which was so much free food and free giveaways and the like which was awesome. Banana bread please! 🙂 I love new banana bread recipes 😀

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