Through the Blah!


…is how I feel right about now.  Which makes me really sad, because I almost never get sick.  Second week of classes? My head feels like it is going to explode, stupid sinus pressure.

Back to the point – I had no idea what to blog about yesterday.  I really wanted to post, but nothing came to mind! My eats have been rushed because of classes and things, so nothing interesting there.  I could have posted about my workouts, but I still didn’t have any interesting photos or tips or routines to share.  Although I created this site mainly for myself, it’s not always fun to post something I could have easily written in my little notebook and be perfectly content with.

Photo on 9 13 11 at 9 17 PM

warm bowl of yum + box of tissues, in front of the comp.

This brings me to the topic of tonight’s post – how I’m trying to keep myself as healthy as I can, to get through the ‘blah-ness’ of this silly head cold.

1. Tea. Love my steamy tea!

IMG 2143

organic soothing herbal teas - love them both

IMG 2144

check out that steamy tea, with a tall glass of water on the side

2. Water.  I’ve already lost count of how many millions of bottles and glasses I’ve had today.  It really is nature’s energy boost!

3. Super-nutrients.

I have not been hungry today – which is really weird.  Actually, let me rephrase that:  I have had no cravings today.  I’m pretty sure the hunger is still there, but I have had no idea what I wanted to eat all day.  In cases like this, I try to force myself away from comfort foods and stick to those high in nutritional value.

IMG 2140

i had to try these - I'd buy again if they weren't so pricey

Açai is lower in sugar, and high in vitamin C (for immunity), among other things.

IMG 2145

super-smoothie & yerba maté latte to start the day

In the mix: blueberries – because they taste good and are also lower in sugar and nutrient-rich, maca – hormone regulator (I’m just giving this one a try for a while to see how I feel), lucuma – extra low-sugar sweetness, coconut water – electrolytes! It was quite delicious, not too sweet but just the way I like it.

IMG 2146

massaged kale salad with peppers & chick peas, dressed with coconut oil, vinegar, bragg's, pepper and hemp seeds

yup, super-nutritious.  I’m trying my best to stay energized with low-sugar plant foods.

4. Hot ‘n Spicy warm meals.

IMG 2153

eggplant-tomato stew, with nice a cayenne kick to clear the sinuses

This is what I’m holding in that picture at the beginning of this post.  A simple stew make with farmer’s market eggplant, chickpeas, organic canned tomatoes, and some extras (oil, herbs, spices).  It somehow ended up being vegan.  I’d post a recipe, but I kind of forgot to write anything down.

5. Indulge a little.

IMG 2142

Mini-size! I love chocolate. Have I mentioned that before?

Caught up with being physically ill, I almost always lose track of mental health.  Positive self-talk, taking an unplanned active rest day away from the gym, and chocolate of course – to soothe the soul 😛

What are some things you do to keep your body in top shape when you’re under-the-weather?

(be back tomorrow with a WIAW post!)


8 thoughts on “Through the Blah!

  1. Awwr hun I’m sorry that you’re not feeling too well… I hate feeling under the weather. When it happens, I make sure to drink lots of water and hot tea, rest, and eat pretty simple foods. My stomach isn’t big on eating when I’m sick, especially if it’s something like the flu, so smoothies and cereal, and basically anything really carby are my go-to meals.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Aww I hope you get better soon lovie! There’s nothing worse than feeling ill and just blahh!
    When I’m feeling ill I always have lots of cereal, hearty veggie stews, dark chocolate, muffins and I lounge around in my pajamas all day and read magazines haha 🙂

  3. Sorry to hear you’re not well 😦
    It sounds like you’re doing exactly the right thing by eating loads of the right nutrients and drinking loads of water so hope you feel better soon! I always overdose on dissolvable vitamin C when I’ve got a cold, it works wonders!

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