Welcome, Old Loves

Happy Friday!  My week has been rather uneventful – neither here nor there.  I’m still not into the routine here, so it’s been a bit rough.  But of course there are little things keeping me sane here.  Weekly discoveries? I think so.

1. I can make nut butter in my mini-prep!

IMG 1929

tiny batch of spiced pumpkin cashew butter - made an appearance in this week's WIAW

IMG 1931

it really is tiny. holds maybe 1 or 2 cups total?

2. An old favorite grab-and-go sandwich, made by a local NY company

IMG 1954

yummy, vegan, filling mini-meal!

3. Afternoon pick-me-up coffee alternative – Yerba Maté

IMG 1955

I wish the camera could capture how good this smells.

IMG 1957

with a side of puffins for munching

4. Must take advantage of summer’s last days, by wearing flowers of course!

IMG 1966

my messy bed in the background. and backlit.

5. Old snack loves brought back 🙂

IMG 1967

rice cake + sunflower butter + cinnamon. satisfied.

6.  OpenSky is the greatest ever.  [[It’s so worth it to join, you get awesome deals from celebrity foodies and such. click this link to join!]]

IMG 1971

ooh, what's in the box?

7.  Kath really isn’t kidding about how good the cville cluster granola is.

IMG 1972

it's granola from Great Harvest CVille! from Kath's opensky promo.

8.  Healthy light dinner, college style!

IMG 1974

horribly spiralized zucchini (I'm working on my technique) + mashed ginger sweet potato yogurt sauce + nooch

9.  I’m a nerd, and I love it!

IMG 1975

this is what I do with my Friday nights. How fun am I?

IMG 1976


Have you recently re-discovered any old favorites? Loves and comforts?


13 thoughts on “Welcome, Old Loves

  1. That’s awesome your food process could make nut butter! I’m also not into the routine yet, which is a bit frustrating, but I’m going to try and just go with the flow anyways 🙂 I love Yerba Mate tea, the one I have is lemon flavored which is fabulous, and it’s a recent-ish discovery 🙂

  2. A blogger told me a little while ago about making nut butter with a mini-prep. I just have a small one myself, but I’m saving up for a Cuisinart for a gift to myself. I rediscover old favorites all the time. I recently was watching through All Dogs Go to Heaven, its one of my favorite movies. I tend to have retro-Fridays where I watch movies and shows from when I was a kid.

  3. Eee! I love LOTR! No shame in going on a LOTR watching spree 😀 Those movies were fantastic, and I cannot waaaaaaait for The Hobbit to come out ^^

    And I’ve most definitely re-discovered an old favorite not too long ago. I used to eat Mac&Cheese like crazy when I was younger, but it’s been a good 4 years since I had any. Yesterday I decided that was enough, so I whipped up a batch for lunch and omigosh… I fell in love all over again 😀

  4. That sounds like my kind of Friday night! Nothing wrong with a LOTR marathon. My old roommate used to have a life-size Gollum in our room. We were such dorks!

    I love OpenSky, but I’ve never bought anything. There are some great deals though! I just hate spending my money. 😉

  5. I make my nut butter in a mini processor too! I kind of like making it in smaller batches because then I run out faster and can play with more flavors. I need to rekindle my love for spiralized zuke – so good!

  6. Bahaha! I love the LOTR!! I burst out laughing when I saw the Aragorn with love underneath it!!!!
    It might just be me, but Viggo never looks as good as he does in LOTR!

    AND I’m kinda drooling over pumpkin cashew butter 🙂

  7. Hi been reading your blog for awhile. Very inspiring! Fun fact: I live in Wellington so I’ve been Hobbit star spotting for a few months. I have a few friends working on the movie so I’m hoping to get some work as an extra 😛 Pity I’m not taller, I just missed out on the elf scenes 😦

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