Hey college… mWIAW

I know I probably say this every week, but it’s Wednesday again? Already?  I hate to say that classes are already starting to drain my energy, and if it wasn’t for Jenn hosting this fabulous link party, I probably would not be posting today.  But since I joined the merriment, there’s no way I could skip it.

I’m back to my original non-chronological form.  Far too scatterbrained today!


IMG 1939

big green smoothie! frozen figs, frozen banana, sun warrior, almond milk, maca, spinach

while munching on…

IMG 1940

puffed kamut!


I forgot to pack a lunch, so I had to buy.  Or rather, I sat in on an extra class, so I was not anticipating not having time to go home for lunch between classes.

IMG 1943

tofu & veggie combo salad from Quantum Leap. delicious, but I forgot to tell them to leave off the onions


IMG 1950

leftover fluffy millet, red pepper & squash purée, baked tofu

Snacks & Sweet Treats

IMG 1941

way too many spoonfuls of this - homemade spiced pumpkin-cashew butter.

IMG 1942

black sesame soy ice cream from Quantum Leap. I couldn't resist, but luckily it was a perfect tiny size!

IMG 1945

pre-workout hydration & carbs. this stuff is crack! better than chocolate milk, easily..

IMG 1946

real pre-workout fuel

IMG 1947

post workout - peanut flour paste burrito. so nutty & awesome!

IMG 1935

latest baking experiment - matcha donut. Using my Rishi Sweet Matcha powder instead of sugar in the recipe!

IMG 1937

they were really tasty, but rather biscuit-y. what to do...

Now I should probably go do something productive.  Write up a plan for the next 2 years of my school-life? Update my calendar?  Start on my class reading? Oh, school, welcome back.

Best thing you ate recently?


14 thoughts on “Hey college… mWIAW

  1. Awwwr cutest mini donuts! I wish I could offer advice on how to play with the texture, but I’ve never made donuts before, so I wouldn’t even know where to start. But I guess that’s the fun of playing around in the kitchen 😀 As for the best thing I’ve eaten recently, I’d have to say… everything 😆 After eating basic camping food for a few days, coming home to my regular meals makes everything taste extra good 😀

  2. AWE cute little donuts! Ive made them before as well and once they were awesome and the second time they sucked. I don’tknow what happened but oh well! I’ll keep trying.
    Best thing I’ve eaten recently is my apple/cottage cheese/almond butter sandwich 🙂

  3. I’ve been meaning to try Zico’s. Is it really that good (haha chocolate on crack!) The matcha doughnuts look good-I like the texture (and its matcha). Delicious eats 🙂

  4. Oh wow, I didn’t know dark chocolate coconut water existed. That sounds really good! Also, I love quantum leap—their black bean burger is one of my favorites in NYC.

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