The Sandwich Post

Unfortunately, not the edible kind of sandwich – the written kind.  Goals, discoveries, goals.

I’m going to kill two birds with one stone here.  I skipped my discoveries last week because of my travels and the hurricane, so I can’t put that off any longer.  It’s also a new month – 20+ posts later, and now it’s september.  I swear, time goes by faster and faster the older I get.

August goal recap:

  • Variation: I did really well with this.  I can’t even recall once that I repeated the same meals or same workouts 2 days in a row, so I’d call it a success
  • Go with the Flow: Not so great.  The second half of the month was a bit rough, but i think it was mostly due to hormone ups and downs.  And anxiety to get back to new york & school.
  • Take real rest days, and enjoy them: So done. And I loved it.  That bit of guilt / restriction is still there though, but this is a big step.
  • Get back into academia: major fail. I didn’t even start any kind of programming or other academic work.
  • Fitness goals: I’m at about 6-7 push ups in a row, more than halfway there! – no more of those silly knees, I took Zumba classes and I’m counting that as dance. (but now I’m back to my real dance class!) stretch every day – not so great. I always stretch after workouts, but otherwise I mostly forgot.
  • Water: hard to gauge, but I was definitely more conscious of it, and was probably drinking more.
  • Limit up-and-down episodes: definitely better, but the balance is not there yet.  In traveling I probably ate double what I needed to, and some days I went a little crazy with the snacking.  The cravings did not get ignored, though!


1. The wonder that is Nasoya Wonton wrappers!  I made Jenn’s mini Quiche cups, sans cheese (didn’t have any on hand) and with Trader Joe’s smoky spice blend.  Crunchyum!

IMG 1852

little bites of yum with cottage cheese and fresh figs

2.  Trader Joe’s does really strange things with their hummus.

IMG 1856

wait, what?

3. The wonder that is One Lucky Duck’s raw vegan mallomars!

IMG 1859

I ate this way too fast. definitely didn't savor it quite enough.

4. New afternoon pick-me-up – yerba maté latte!

IMG 1861

with a few unsweetened carob almonds on the side

5.  the wonder that is iHerb. Use the code COV168 for an awesome discount on your first order! Spoils below.

peanut flour, sun warrior, puffed cereal, hemp, chia, stevia, and a little tiny freebie (immunity powder?)

IMG 1862

but this is how my sun warrior came... yet the bag was full, and i couldn't find a hole in it

6. cheap college night dinner: kale & eggs (Ashley-style), brown rice with hummus and a spray of olive oil.

IMG 1864

I used extra egg whites for a protein boost, and made extra rice for the week

September goals:

  • Fitness goals: make it to 10 push ups! keep up the workout variation – it’s really easy to fall into a workout rut with the gym so convenient.
  • Positive Self Talk: I sound like psychologist here, but this helps me when I remember.  If something starts to spiral out of control, stop, step back, take a breath, tell myself to slow down.  Stress is about to be seriously re-introduced, and I want to do all that I can to not get started on a downward spiral.
  • Be Social: It’s far too easy for me to just sit back in my room and just chill on my own.  Yet I always have fun when I go out with people.  So the first step? Not turning down invitations to hang out.  I don’t want to become a school-obsessed recluse.
  • Cook food for myself: it’s cheaper than eating at restaurants and cafés, and now that I don’t have a meal plan, this will be really important.  I’m working on a meal-planning strategy, but I haven’t quite figured it out yet.  Also, always pack snacks, so I’m not tempted to buy overpriced or over-sugared ones.
  • Smile.  I have a tendency to shy away from people and invert.  It pushes people away.  Everyone likes a smiling person.  Plus, I heard that when you smile, it makes you feel happy anyway.

How was your august?

What are some things you hope to achieve this September?


13 thoughts on “The Sandwich Post

  1. You did awesome in August, girl! Congrats on your goals 😀 I’m not much of a monthly goal-setter, but August was pretty darned fantastic for me. I finally found a new place to call home after much shopping around, and I’ll be moving in a few short weeks. Eeeeee! Can’t wait.

    But that being said, there IS kinda something that I’d like to try and work on, and that’s to get a little bit more variety in my diet. I’ve been eating a lot of the same things lately, and although I really do enjoy it, I think I’d enjoy other things as well, I’ve just been too lazy to come up with them lol. I should probably also use up some of the things that have been sitting in my pantry forever so I don’t have to pack as much to take with me when I move.

    Happy September 😀

  2. I’m jealous of your mallomar discovery! That sounds lovely. I also love wonton wrappers – you should try making ravioli with them. It’s so fun!
    I need to work on the positive self talk too. I think it will really benefit me in races when I need a confidence boost or something. I’ve heard it makes a big difference!

  3. Great post girl! Overall it looks like you did quite well with your goals and you should be proud 🙂 I need to work on going with the flow too, so thank you for this reminder!
    For September I am looking forward to starting classes and to get back into the swing of things

  4. I had that same thing happen when I ordered a bag of carob powder from iHerb. No holes, but powder everywhere. Weird.
    Great job on your goals! I’m glad to see someone else is working on positive self-talk too.
    Okay I laughed out loud at the Trader Joe’s hummus. Hilarious!

  5. Great job on your August Goals. I have heard that Yerbe Mate is really good and a great coffee substitute. I plan on giving it a try soon. Love the goals you picked for September. I too could learn to use positive self talk more and smile.

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