Well, at this point I’m pretty much all moved in to my dorm room.  I’m living in the same building as last year, so it was a rather easy transition.  I’m so excited to be back here, it feels like coming home 🙂  There are so many places and things that I’ve missed, some of which I have made it a point to visit in my first days here.

My workouts and adventures from the past few days, in completely unrelated pictures and bullet points.

IMG 1523

mudtruck coffee - the best street coffee ever. I even buy the grounds for my coffee at home.

  • monday’s workout: 40 min walk to and from campus from my friend’s place, 2x30min walk to and from my friend’s place and my dorm, with my baggage.
IMG 1524

amazing asian convenience store, now has a location right on campus!

  • Tuesday’s workout: slow 3ish mile run (I wasn’t tracking anything) – pain-free!  I alternated walking and running 5 mins and walking 1-2 mins.  so exhilarating!
IMG 1528

enough said. I actually managed to go in and NOT buy anything!

  • Wednesday’s workout: crazy hard interval workout, inspired by Lori and Michelle’s interval workouts.  Jump roping, ab circuit, and body rock’s sexy pain train workout <—love this one.  then a bit of arm strength endurance work, and yoga/stretch cool down
IMG 1530

green juice from the local health food store! refreshing.

  • I went back to my dance class today!  I take an open modern class at one of New York’s many dance studios, one that is really close to where I live.  I love the class.  It makes me feel so great and empowered.  The teacher starts with 30 mins of stretching, which is beyond amazing.  Then we only do a bit of technique work, then focus the last 30ish minutes on an actual dance.  Not an across-the-floor combination, but a real dance. The focus is on performance and confidence – not precision.  I also love the leg workout I get 🙂
IMG 1534

bulk things in ball jars!

  • I just found out the gym is open!  I’m think I’m way too excited to get back to the gym.  I’m not even sure why I love it so much, but I do.  So ready to wake up early tomorrow and get energized!
IMG 1542

first ever use of the magic bullet! overnight smoothie 🙂

IMG 1544

I was just about to leave for my run, then this happened. storage delivery! I have way too much stuff.

IMG 1545

oh hey, overnight green monster!

  • this year, every single NYU student has to get a new university ID.  Apparently all the new ones have a magnetic chip in them to make the swipe system better.  Once all 50,000 students have them.
IMG 1846

greenmarket spoils! kale, summer squash, carrots, tomatoes

  • so many errands! things for the room, kitchen, groceries, toiletries, school supplies – going borderline crazy here
IMG 1855

on-the-go liquiteria meal. the mudslide smoothie!

  • went and got my eyebrows threaded today.  I know, it’s a small vanity thing, especially because I have blonde eyebrows, but it makes me feel good and more confident, so I pay the money for it.

Phew.  And that’s not even all of it. I can’t even count the phone calls and internet time I’ve spent trying to figure out all the administrative stuff for school.  That’s the only thing I really dislike about going to a big university.  It will get done – before I start classes in less than a week. Ahh!

No question.  Tell me something interesting about your day?


8 thoughts on “Super-Update!

  1. Love this post!! It made me wanna head to NYC straight away! Your dance class sounds great! I love it when teachers focus on stretching for a while. My favourite class used to have a killer warmup that I actually looked forward to more than the dance itself!

  2. Glas to hear that you’re getting all settled in and figuring out your routine! Gah. Those first weeks are always the hardest… Where to go, what to do, crazy, crazy, crazy. Or maybe that’s just me, because you sound like you’re managing just fine 😀 The most interesting part of my day? Errr. Well I just woke up soooo… I guess not banging into anything while I tried to find my way around in the dark? Lol. It kind of makes me sad that it’s still so dark when I wake up in the morning. It used to be bright not even a month ago! Eee summer is leaving…

  3. yay for intervals, glad you liked it!!! and oh how I remember those days of dorm days haha glad you are all moved in!! nothing too interesting about my day besides I am packing for a little weekend away trip which I am really excited for 🙂

  4. I love crazy hard interval workouts. Jump roping always gets me! I’m also jealous that you get to go to dance classes… I’ve always wanted to try one!

    Something interesting: Today I tried kombucha for the first time. Me gusta!

  5. You go to NYU? Awesome! I’ve been thinking about going to grad school there. This whole post makes we want to move to a city right now. The biggest (only?) place to shop in my college town is Walmart. Bad/annoying administrative stuff happens at small schools too. I guess it’s just part of the college experience.

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