Hurricane Who?

Hey, I survived!  Actually I’m pretty sure I slept through the storm, it was rather uneventful.  [[Note: This is not meant to downplay the damage and severity of the storm, it definitely devastated a great many places]] There were only certain areas of NYC that were truly affected, and the place I was at was not near any of them, thank goodness. We didn’t even lose power  – yes, it was definitely lucky.

To those of you who were affected, I hope everything is okay, that you are safe, and that electricity and everything is restored to you soon.

I still managed some good eats, even stuck inside for 24+ hours straight.

IMG 1460

pre-packed porridge mix - oats, buckwheat, chia - with crumbled bar

IMG 1461

soup with extra green boost

IMG 1463

bought some veggies & hummus

IMG 1468

alligator soup! aka overnight oats with banana Spiru-tein, stevia & cacao nibs

IMG 1469

chocolate PB Spiru-tein (thick!) and puffins

IMG 1521

sweet potato & beans, spinach salad & hummus

Yesterday afternoon, after the worst was over, my friend (whose apartment I was crashing) and I were itching to get outside.  We brought our cameras, and set out to document Irene’s aftermath.

IMG 1477

a tree down in Stuy-Town

IMG 1485

IMG 1490

kelp = evidence of water on land

IMG 1494

there was no wind at this time. the plants got stuck like this.

IMG 1500

there were subways still closed

IMG 1501

windows still taped

IMG 1503

streets shut down

IMG 1509

mailboxes suffocated

IMG 1512

parks and landmarks closed

IMG 1518

sad little bushes

IMG 1519

and trees uprooted.

This ended up being a 2 hour walk, but it was so much fun! Speaking of which, aside from a ton of walking, these past couple of days have been rest days for me.  Before heading off, I decided that I was not going to worry about fitting in workouts during this transition.  I felt like trying to work out every day would only be more stressful, and therefore less beneficial.  I decided to use this opportunity to rest for a few days and let my muscles rebuild a little – and it felt great!

On day 1, I was totally passive, just lounging around – and I was perfectly content to do so.  Day two I took this crazy long walk, and was pretty much moving around for most of the day.  Day three (today) I also did a lot of walking, and I checked into my dorm room! More updates on that at a later date.

Do you workout when you travel?

Were you affected by the hurricane? I hope everything is okay.

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6 thoughts on “Hurricane Who?

  1. I’m glad you were pretty much unaffected! You still had awesome food too — I’ve been looking for that eggplant hummus! We lost power, but that’s about it. Some of our neighbors had terrible flooding and trees down!

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