Market Fresh

I love the farmer’s market.  Just being there makes me feel fresh and energized.  Maybe it’s all the wonderful colors.

IMG 1409

all delicious peppers! We bought the middle green/purple ones for salad the other night.

Or just the really cool natural things – grown, not engineered!

IMG 1418

strange and beautiful

These have the texture of a cherry, taste like that of a milder, very sweet pineapple, but are closely related to the tomatillo.

IMG 1405

refreshing, but not overpowering

Or maybe it’s the funky names people give some of the produce.

IMG 1415

I'd buy these just for the name

I love going to the market, so it was sad to say goodbye to Chicago’s Green City Market for this year.  I’ve decided that I am going to make sure to shop for fresh produce at the market in New York, so this is definitely not goodbye forever.

But, I wanted to share some lovely fresh photos from my last summer market trip. All produce at this market has to be local (usually from Michigan), and most of it is certified organic.

IMG 1406

this stand had every different type of tomato. no joke!

IMG 1407

golden raspberries! they made an appearance in this weeks WIAW, and my last post (berry crumble/crisp)

IMG 1408

more peppers! I love the way they display these.

IMG 1410

the end of the summer squash crop

IMG 1411

chinese eggplant, japanese eggplant, loving the deep purples

IMG 1413

root veggies!

IMG 1414

donut peaches. actually called galaxy peaches, but donuts are more fun.

IMG 1416

nutrient-rich purple beans! We bought some and had them for my last home cooked meal.

IMG 1420

the. best. carrots. especially when grill-roasted.

IMG 1419

and of course, the peach/mint smoothie from seedling farms

In other news, this hurricane thing is much less crazy that most of us originally thought.  Granted it hasn’t hit NYC yet, but I’m at my friends’ place, and we have plenty of food and water and supplies to go around.  We’ll see what happens when the worst part of the storm hits tonight.  I’ll keep posting updates on Twitter!

Do you have a local farmer’s market that you love? Tell me all about it!


6 thoughts on “Market Fresh

  1. Oh wow. That’s some amazing stuff you have at your farmer’s market! I’m extremely intrigued by the pineapple ground cherries – never heard of such a thing. We have a farmer’s market happening here every Saturday, and as much as I love the atmosphere… the things you can buy kind of suck. We get a lot of things like carrots, beets, cabbages, cucumbers, salad, apples… but not much else in terms of produce. There’a a lot more homemade things like breads, pies, cookies, noodles, spices, honey, maple syrup, candies, flowers, and a lot of jewellery and artsy stuff. So, not that great for food, but it’s a nice atmosphere 🙂

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