Not Your Typical WIAW

Wednesday again!  This week it actually means 2 things.

One: I fly back to new york in less than 48 hours!  After spending so much time at home, I’m actually kind of in denial that I’m actually going back.  But I absolutely cannot wait!


It’s time for the most delicious link party on the interwebs – all thanks to the lovely (genius) Jenn.  Seriously, I’m not sure why I didn’t start participating as soon as I found out about it.  This week’s eats are only from one day (I did it, finally!), but it is far from my typical day of eating.  Since I only have a couple more days left here, I’m going to all the awesome restaurants I’ve wanted to try before I leave.  So here goes! It’s in chronological order this time, so no labels 😛

IMG 1404

banana & coffee w/ almond milk (ran out of soy, almond isn't as good) in my new silly mug - a goodbye gift from co-workers

IMG 1419

peach/mint smoothie from the farmer's market! most refreshing combination ever.

breakfast porridge! 2T oats, 2T buckwheat, 1.5T chia - egg white and date paste cooked in, with market berries and cinnamon!

Porridge/Oat cooking tip: always start with less liquid than you think will be necessary.  If all the liquid is absorbed before the grains reach your desired consistency, add more liquid, only 1 or 2T at a time until you have the result you want.

I have a ton more farmer’s market photos, but they will have to wait until tomorrow’s post.

Then we had lunch at a new-to-Chicago vegan chain – Native Foods Cafe!

IMG 1428

watermelon fresca! with delicious (muddled) mint & agave

IMG 1431

sesame kale macro bowl - brown rice, tahini dressing/sauce, steamed kale, sauerkraut, and lightly fried tempeh cakes

This was probably the best savory thing I ate all day.

IMG 1432

with a side salad of wakame and cucumber

Since our food took longer than usual, they decided to buy us dessert.  I got some vegan cheesecake that was way too sweet, so I ended up just eating the crust, and finishing my mom’s deliciously rich peanut butter parfait.  I originally wanted a chocolate love pie, but they were all out! Which made me really sad.

IMG 1434

I had to get my chocolate fix somehow - 2 squares of endangered species extreme dark chocolate (88% cacao!)

IMG 1437

new-to-me afternoon pick-me up, teecino Maya chai! verdict: love.

For dinner we made reservations at a really nice sushi place – had to get one more fancy sushi dinner in before I leave!  The parents and I shared almost everything. **warning: this next bit is mostly pictures of fish dishes, please skip over this if you are offended or disgusted in any way**

IMG 1439

really good miso soup with shitake mushrooms

IMG 1440

kanpachi sashimi

IMG 1441

soft shell crab appetizer - i only had a little bite, but the watermelon, carrot and asparagus were delicious!

IMG 1442

white tuna nigiri with banana-wasabi paste. best thing I ate during this meal

IMG 1443

rainbow roll (left) & spider roll (right)

IMG 1444

hamachi sashimi, and too much other stuff. not a great dish.

Then we finished the day, and drove to what is by far the best gelato in the city of Chicago – Black Dog Gelato.

IMG 1446

upper - turkish coffee. lower - goat cheese cashew caramel.

This was so worth the stomach ache/bloating I had after.

Now I’m off to pack.  While watching the misfits.  With blog-reading breaks.

Great eats today?

Do you like restaurant dining? What’s your favorite type of food to eat out?


16 thoughts on “Not Your Typical WIAW

  1. I actually LOVE that mug!!! Disney princesses *swoon*
    Date paste!?!?! do you make this or buy it?
    Ohh your dinner looks so fanccccy.
    I dont really go out to dinner much, but when I do I love going out for Indian!

  2. Eee that’s totally the cutest mug! I love it! And I’m a big fan of Teeccino stuff myself. I’ve never tried the chai, though, so I’ll be on the lookout for it.

    I’m not really the biggest fan of eating out, just because I have pesky allergies to deal with, so it’s usually more of a hassle than it’s worth. And the best thing I’ve been eating lately is definitely ice cream. I’m just kind of sad that I developed a love affair with it when the weather is already starting to cool down!

  3. Oh. My. Lord. Goat Cheese Caramel Gelato?! I NEEEEEED IT. I love gelato so freaking much you don’t understand. So you had awesome vegan food, sushi, and gelato in the same day. I want to live your day. That sounds wonderful.

  4. So I just found your blog last night and absolutely love it 🙂 I have to say you have a new fan and daily reader now 🙂

    The banana wasabi interests me! It sounds so crazy! I bet it was amazing 🙂 Your porridge looks absolutely phenomenal 🙂 I think you inspired my breakfast for tomorrow 😉 and…. the gelato!?????? Way to make me jealous 🙂

    From your new reader,


  5. I love your blog! It is so fab with all your pics! Ok I’m just gonna say the carrot in your dinner pic totally made me laugh! Restaurants always make everything so amazing looking, you are so lucky to have so much exciting food on your travels 🙂

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