Vegetable Healing

Sunday night, we meet again – and the weekend has passed, this one only slightly more exciting than the last.  For some very odd reason, I found myself craving vegetables. All weekend.

Saturday, after a rainy, annoying, pointless day of work (the store was open for all of 3 hours, we closed early because it was so slow),  I rushed home and got changed for a cousin’s 85th birthday party at the Sears Tower [[it’s actually Willis Tower now, but it will forever be Sears in my mind!]]

IMG 1347

view of the Chicago skyline, looking North

The view was gorgeous…

IMG 1350

some really fresh greens with roasted peppers, tomatoes, artichoke and fresh parm

as was the salad.

Unfortunately, this was the best part of the meal, but a longshot.  I even deleted the photos I took of the entree, it was that bad.  The fish tasted like nothing, and the green beans were most likely frozen, and the potatoes were ok (but I’m not a huge fan of plain potatoes unless they’re sweet potatoes).  After barely getting a chance to eat a real meal all day, and filling up on these guys during cocktail hour…

IMG 1345

roasted almonds are like crack. it's bad.

I was hardly satisfied.

Screen Shot 2011 08 21 at 9 20 55 PM

And I rarely tweet at public events like this.  I’m actually slightly ashamed. BUT I did get a few goodies from the party.

IMG 1351

it was a chicago themed party, and the center pieces were bins full of chicago made candies. I fought hard to trade some caramels for a box of these guys - they're just so good!

IMG 1356

also, a Fannie May dark chocolate & caramel present!

IMG 1359

messing with the settings on my camera. it wasn't even dark out yet!

IMG 1361

having a little camera-fun. Me and the sistah!

And I made up for the unsatisfying meal when I got home.

IMG 1373

kale and leftover gazpacho to soothe the soul

Today made up for it even more.  It was a *planned* rest day, and I certainly enjoyed it to the best of my ability.  I started by celebrating Pancake Sunday!

IMG 1375


…except not for myself.  I made this baked apple pancake for my parents (I had a bite or two, for quality control, of course :-D) with a few minor ingredient additions/changes.  I think it came out pretty well!

I’ve come to realize that as much as I love making pancakes, they’re not really my favorite thing to have for breakfast.  I like a little more texture in my breakfast, and I really like eating it from a bowl/mug/cup with a spoon.

So, this was my delicious breakfast:

IMG 1377

yogurt, chia seeds, peaches, cinnamon, & melty cacao bliss

Followed by a slice of my latest experiment:

IMG 1380

vegan, g-free coconut flour loaf thing.

The rest of the day was spent walking to the store, to lunch with the parents and this cutie,

IMG 1382

you couldn't say no to this face..

IMG 1386

miss regal puppy.

IMG 1387

...who knows how to drink from water fountains

eating a veggie-ful lunch at a meat-y restaurant (always makes me smile a little)…

IMG 1385

a salad topped with grilled veggies. double-veg love.

making (and eating) salsa verde…

IMG 1393

this made the kitchen smell amazing.

IMG 1394

I eat my salsa with veggies, of course!

Snacking on dried figs and a serving of Amanda’s fabulous protein pudding

IMG 1390

sub-par photos - it was too good to make it look pretty!

…and having more vegetables with a dinner of lamb chops and wild rice (yes, I eat a bit of good red meat now and then)

IMG 1395

massaged kale salad with sweet & savory avocado lime dressing

IMG 1396

grilled farmer's market carrots

I ate my veggies today, I promise!  Days like this remind me how much I love vegetables – but I never thought I’d see the day when I craved kale – and I must say I’m definitely proud of myself for it.  There are few things about myself I don’t think I’ve ever been ashamed of, and the biggest one is my love for my veggies.  Veg-head forever!

All-in-all, it was a good lazy Sunday and rest day, complete with True Blood and lots of blog reading / recipe browsing. Pilates tomorrow morning!

Do you ever find yourself craving veggies?  Or other strange foods?

Fill me in on your weekend/foodie adventures!

**Other thing! I have a few recipes I made this week but am undecided about which ones to post first, if ever. the choices are:

  • coconut flour chocolate chip cookies (paleo)
  • roasted tomatillo salsa verde
  • coconut flour high-protein bread/loaf (vegan, gluten-free)
  • massaged kale salad and avocado dressing



7 thoughts on “Vegetable Healing

  1. I’m sorry you struggled a bit that day finding something satisfying to eat! That sound rather annoying and I have so been there before!
    I definitely crave veggies, they just make me feel “cleaner” and more energized! I also crave kettle corn way too often…. I have been on a kick lately!
    Moved in… 1/2 way done with unpacking !

  2. That coconut loaf ‘thing’ looks intriguingly delicious! That’s too bad there wasn’t anything satisfying to eat, I usually try and have a bar in my purse for situations like that otherwise I make really bad company! That skillet pancake looks fantastic, it’s one of those pictures I see and think “I WANT THAT NOW!” 🙂

  3. Blah. I hate sub-par foodie days, but we all have them, and its just one day. I definitely have days where I crave tonnes of veggies. I have to have a huge salad beast every day or I get a little bit cranky. That being said, I don’t eat as many veggies as I used to. I kind of used to stuff m yself with them to avoid eating other foods, so I’m glad I’m past that because it usually just made me bloated and unsatisfied =\ As for the recipes, I’d be interested in either of the coconut flour ones. I have a baggie of that stuff sitting in my pantry and I’m always looking for new ways to use it 🙂

  4. I’m excited for that coconut flour loaf!! I love coconut flour and that looks soooo good.
    I can totally relate to craving a plethora of veggies. but not just any veggies – a delicious combination of veggies that makes you say “DAYUM. Those are GOOOD!” because no one wants some dry carrots and celery sticks with ranch when you really want balsamic roasted veggies.

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