Fourth WIAW already?

Happy (What I Ate) Wednesday!

Before I jump into my eats, I’ve got a few things to get through.  First of all, if you’ve come across my blog from my guest post over at Carrie’s blog Moves ‘n Munchies, welcome!  And thanks for all the awesome comments and views – my site traffic has more than doubled (thanks Carrie!).  I will definitely return the comment-love-favor 🙂  I would have mentioned this sooner, but I haven’t really had a chance to get on the internet yet today [[so many WIAW posts waiting!]]

Second order of business – my recipe page is now up!  I’ll continue to update it at the very least once a month, but hopefully every time I post a new recipe [[or three]].

Now for some eats! Again it’s a collection of the best eats from the last two days, as I’m not so great at tracking every single thing.


IMG 1310

typical early pre-workout snack - banana, coffee with a splash of soy, lots of water

IMG 1312

real breakfast - TJ's muesli, sun warrior, almond milk, goat-gurt and dried figs (!!!)


IMG 1317

Whole Foods salad bar! LOTS of kale, avocado lime dressing, summer squash, some sweet 'taters, a bit of quinoa and some tofu cubes


Tonight we had a full-out home cooked meal, for my grandmother’s birthday!

IMG 1330

100% fresh (no cans, no juices) gazpacho! made by mom. this bowl is HUGE.

Five of us didn’t even get through half of this bowl.

IMG 1335

Farro salad (goat cheese, basil, pine nuts, zucchini, EVOO) and cedar plank grilled salmon

I convinced my mom to use Farro instead of orzo pasta.  So good.

Snacks & Sweet Treats

IMG 1293

medjool date & vanilla bean coconut cashew butter

[[inspired by Emma]]

IMG 1326

fresh jicama sticks

IMG 1338

some of this lovely berry Pavlova (by mom!)

IMG 1324

chocolate chip coconut shortbread cookies - recipe soon 🙂

Now I’m off to go tackle 100+ WIAW posts waiting for me in my google reader!

Same old Wednesday question – best thing you ate today?


10 thoughts on “Fourth WIAW already?

  1. I’m usually not a fig person, but your breakfast looks so incredible, I want to go make it and eat it right now 🙂

    The best thing I ate on wednesday was my dinner which included tempeh, rice, kale and eggplant. Totally delicious.

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