Changes and Blog-love

I’m changing it up a bit – it’s my blog, so that’s allowed, right!?!  For my friday discovery posts, I’m getting confused and bored with categorizing all of my discoveries, so they’re now coming to you in list form!


Since my trip to California, I have somehow forgotten how much I love high intensity cardio workouts.  I’ve done a ton of strength training, and I think it’s too much for me.  I feel strong now, but I don’t get that endorphin release, the ‘runner’s high’ (even though I don’t really run).  I know this is not the cause of my recent weight gain, but I’ve let everything I’ve read about needing more strength training get to me.

I like cardio! Why did I ever give it up in favor of more weights that just make me hungrier and less happy?!

Peppermint tea.

Photo on 8 12 11 at 9 41 PM

I really get a kick out of the fact that this is backwards. call me crazy?

I’ve had some GI issues, and I’m still not sure what is causing them, but this helps. Incredibly. I wish I knew how to go about figuring out the cause of my stomach’s silliness – it’s definitely something I’m eating, I can feel that.


I’m not eating enough, period.  I did a little math (sorry, too lazy to do it again here) and figured out that I’m only eating about half the amount of protein that I need per day – given my activity level.  Maybe this is also why I’ve been so hungry and blah-like lately? We shall see.  But I’m going to make a conscious effort to eat more protein (and calcium to go with it!).  My body needs to re-build all that it burns!


Going along with my previous two points, I have cut out most dairy, as I believed it gave me more problems than it helped.  But at this point I really need the high quality protein and calcium.  So I’m going to take a page out of Gina‘s book and try only eating goat’s milk dairy products.  I was trying high-probiotic dairy, but I think that’s even a bit too much (trying not to go into TMI territory here…)

IMG 1267

Love TJ's, but I with they had more goat yogurt options 😦 maybe the NYC one will!

New Favorite Breakfast

Apparently this happens every week.  I guess I’m on a breakfast-roll here.  On the menu this week: cereal with smoothies.

IMG 1252

w/ puffmaranth and homemade cashew butter spoon!

IMG 1258

with TJ's blueberry muesli

Berry Chocolate-y Recovery Smoothie

  • 3/4 cup almond milk
  • 1 cup frozen berries
  • 1/2 banana (fresh or frozen)
  • 1 scoop sun warrior vanilla protein
  • 1 tsp Lucuma (extra sweetness)
  • 1 T cocoa powder
  • enough yogurt to blend

Then I topped it with about a 1/2 serving of cereal!  This kept me full for hours. Seriously, the most filling breakfast I’ve had in forever.

Weird Happenings

IMG 1264

farmer's market donut peaches! cute AND delicious

IMG 1251

green banana. but it's actually ripe.

this is actually a really ripe banana – it was mushy enough to bake with. It just really didn’t want to turn yellow…

New Readers

All of the twitter and comment love you have sent my way lately has made me so happy.  You guys (yes you!) really have no idea how much it means to me that you spend a precious few minutes of your day reading my ramblings.  Everyone has been so supportive, and it’s part of what keeps me going through each day.  So thank you, I’m going to return the favor however I can.  And for those of you who are new here, speak up! I’d love to know what you’re thinking 🙂

No question today.  Have an awesome weekend!


9 thoughts on “Changes and Blog-love

  1. Ah peppermint tea! It helps my stomach too, though only when I drink it warm for some reason. How does the yogurt taste? I’ve never tried it because I’m always afraid it’ll taste too..goaty? Good luck with eating more protein and fixing your GI issues!

  2. I really love cardio, much more than weights. Cause it makes me feel so good after! I love running up a good sweat haha.
    Yess, smoothies with cereal is heavenly!

  3. I know the feeling of not getting enough protein…it kind of leaves you feeling lethargic. What I’ve noticed, though, is as long as my diet is balanced, I can get the recommended value of protein (and usually more) without really even trying. And I don’t even eat a lot of meat.

    I really want to try peppermint tea! It sounds awesome!

    I’m honestly more of a cardio fan…I do enjoy lifting weights to get stronger, though. Before I became a serious runner, I actually went through a period of time when I considered myself more of a power lifter because I was so focused on getting my squat max up (it was at 220-ish) and my bench max up (110). I did focus on staying fit, though, but I did a lot of sprints and conditioning drills in my weights/conditioning class. Maybe you could try doing some interval-type running workouts a few times a week. They help keep your hunger in check, and do wonders for your fitness! I even do some of these during cross country season (usually in the form of 800m repeats or mile repeats-my favorite), mostly to keep my leg speed and to get my body accustomed to running at 5k pace.

    What do you think of goat yogurt? Does it taste good? I’m curious because I kind of want to try it!

  4. Good luck with getting more protein in! When I became conscious of how much I should be having, I increased the amount whenever I could or had the chance to
    I used to be a cardio fiend but now I enjoy workouts with a hefty mix of both (cardio and Strength training)! My body is exhausted after and I love it 🙂

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