Update Time

Since it’s a little over a week into the month of August, I decided that tonight’s post would be a short update on how my goals are going – to help keep me on track!

  • variation – I’ve been trying not to eat the same thing two days in a row, and I think I’m doing well. same with workouts – bodyrock has helped quite a bit with that! we shall see at the end of the month
  • flow – I haven’t yet been in a situation where this was really relevant yet
  • real rest days – today!  I barely did anything at all. It was completely planned, and I quite enjoyed it.  I must say it was really difficult not sneak in a quick workout, but I promised myself a complete rest day. I’ll do some stretching before bed, though.
  • academics – nothing yet (oops)…
  • fitness – I’m working on my pushups every day! plus doing bodyrock workouts that incorporate them helps a lot.  I’ve been good about the stretching, and I’ve done Zumba every week too!
  • water – I’ve started drinking lemon water now too 🙂
  • ups and downs – this has been hard to manage, as I’m still gaining weight, and back up over half of what I lost this year.  I think I’ve gotten over my crazy sugar-filled days, but the extra mass is really dragging me down.  I will push through, I can’t not do it.

Sorry for the photo-less post, I didn’t really have anything relevant for today.

In other news, I went to the dentist for a cleaning.  It drove me nuts that the women working on my mouth was trying to have a conversation with me at the same time! That, and I now have to go to an oral surgeon to get my wisdom teeth x-rayed.  Boo…

How’s your month going?  How do you feel about the dentist?

I’ll see you tomorrow for WIAW!


7 thoughts on “Update Time

  1. Those dentists can be really anoying! I got my wisdom tooth pulled out in January and the dentist kept on asking me quiestions while pulling it out, my whole face swollen, me almost fainting..oh what an amazing experience 🙂
    Good job with your goal 🙂

  2. Nice job on your goals! The weight thing is so uncomfortable, but you just have to keep pushin through, I so feel ya on that one!
    I hate when the people at the dentists do that too! How do they expect me to talk when their hands are all in my mouth?

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