Weekend in review – success!

So, I’m not feeling up to writing some long intro or anything super fancy today – but I couldn’t leave you hanging any longer!  Here’s a weekend in pictures:

After lolla, I headed out to Michigan City for a beach-y weekend.

success: crostini with sugar snap pea ‘hummus’ and homemade ricotta cheese + iced soy chai at the Chesterton french market.

IMG 1171

hummus out of sugar snaps?! what? how? delicious.

IMG 1176

success: the beach at 5pm, as the sun is starting to set.

IMG 1186

if the sky was clear, you'd be able to see the chicago skyline on the horizon here

success: coconut whipped cream topping (vegan!), finally!

IMG 1187

IMG 1190

I think I just needed to use the right brand of coconut milk for whipping. This is the stuff!

IMG 1196

success: big family dinner saturday night, so fresh, so good.

IMG 1191

mom's tomato-y taboule

IMG 1192

grilled asparagus drizzled with balsamic reduction

IMG 1194

arugula + jicama + parm + caesar

IMG 1195

I apologize if this offends anyone. Organic beer can chicken, by the grill master (Dad)

success: 30 mile bike ride through the hills of northern indiana, laporte county.



our route!

success: breakfast today! I went with egg-y banana-y oats. with strawberries and copious amounts of cinna.

IMG 1199

failure: dinner tonight.  We went to Hesston Supper club, mostly a meat & seafood place.  I got their heirloom tomato salad, which had tons of blue cheese and bacon – not really my cup of tea.  The I had the vegetarian option which was portobellos, roasted squash & cauliflower, and wild rice.  It was okay, but I could taste the butter on the veggies, the mushrooms were a bit dry, and the rice was slightly overcooked for my taste.  Oh well, not every meal is perfect.

success: the little licorice candies at the host stand of the Hesston restaurant!

IMG 1201

Overall, not a bad weekend 🙂

What was one succesful thing for you this weekend?


9 thoughts on “Weekend in review – success!

  1. It must have been beautiful riding your bike along the shore! Coconut whipped cream = divine.

    Success this weekend: driving to the airport to pick up my parents. Sounds lame, but really I’m a terrible driver and that drive involved three different highways and confusing signs. But I’m still alive. Clearly.

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