Show and Tell

I’m back, with my usual Weekly Discoveries!

new amazing foodie-discovery:

IMG 1105

Socca! I based my recipe off of the Pure2Raw Twins’ socca tribute, using 2 cups of water to 1 cup of flour.  I also added some fresh herbs from the yard – basil and chives.

IMG 1100IMG 1101

Cooked for 40 minutes @ 425 degrees, then broiled for 5 minutes.

IMG 1104

It was definitely not too dry, more custard/cake-like than bread or crust-like, though.  Something to fool around with 🙂

Another best-summer-breakfast:

This time it wasn’t my idea, but really is one of the best breakfasts I’ve had in a long time – I had to have it two days in a row!

IMG 1132

Ashley’s popped amaranth and soaked buckwheat cereal bowl!

IMG 1133

I topped mine with a plain Siggi’s probiotic yogurt, blueberries, and cinnamon – didn’t even need any extra sugar! (Eaten right after workout, so avoiding the nuts & fats for the moment)

IMG 1135

A way to make me feel less hypocritical:

IMG 1111

dying my hair with natural hair dye.  No worries – I’m not dying my hair black all over.  I have a dark streak somewhere on the right side that I really like, so I just re-did that guy.

New internet obsession:!

It makes all of my internet bookmarking so much easier to keep track of and to visualize.  As of now, I’ve only got recipe ideas on there, but that may or me not change in the near future.

Check out My Pin Boards!

Especially this one:

Screen Shot 2011 08 05 at 3 32 24 PM

For anyone who is familiar (or even going to!) Chicago music festivals, I’m now off to work the café booth at Lollapalooza tonight!  I’m looking forward to it, maybe I’ll even get a chance to hear some of the awesome bands, like MUSE!!

What was your greatest discovery this week?

Please share!

Big plans for the weekend?

I’m headed out to the beach house in Michigan City tomorrow morning 😀


10 thoughts on “Show and Tell

  1. omg your socca looks perfect!!! I am craving some now…and loved popped amaranth, we got that from Ashley too 😉

    I dyed my hair awhile ago all black (when I was in college), it was temporary, but fun. I used to dye my hair all the time in college all different ways…kind of miss it.


  2. I’ve been meaning to try Socca for awhile, it looks interesting. Your breakfast also looks delicious, you’re gonna have to teach me about breakfasts when we move into the apartment. I know breakfast is really important but it’s always been difficult for me to eat before noon. I’ve been getting better at it but most of my breakfasts are a mix of polenta and fresh veggies, I guess I’m more of a savory food lover but since I’ve become vegetarian most of my meals are pretty similar to that, and it’s more important than ever that I’m getting the vitamins and proteins from dairy. So I’m hoping you can help me add a bit more variety to my mornings!

    Oh, and by the way any objections to me bringing my basil plant to NY?

    • I love dreaming up new breakfast combos, both sweet and savory! So I’m excited. And bring on the basil, I’d be MORE than happy not to spend tons of money on fresh basil 🙂

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