WIAW, round two

So I must admit, I’ve had a few off days – my appetite has been all over the place.  I go from feeling sick to my stomach, to ravenous, and it drives me crazy.  I’ve still managed to have some decent eats in the past two days.

So here is my WIAW!


IMG 1129

Eaten at work, my cooked quinoa flake cereal prepared voluminous-overnight-oat style, with coconut milk and chia seeds -topped with TJ’s creamy roasted almond buttah and fresh strawberries (the perks of working at a store that serves fresh-cut fruit!)


IMG 1131

a quick bite from Pret a Manger, vegan ‘crunchy salad wrap’ with chick peas, avocado, beets, carrots, tomato, lettuce, and cucumber


IMG 1128

Yesterday’s dinner of salmon with capers and cherry tomatoes, with a side of grilled veggies – from a neighborhood italian restaurant.

Snacks and Sweet Treats

IMG 1126

Some healthy bacteria to coat my uncooperative stomach

IMG 1113

Sigi’s probiotic drinkable yogurt + deep chocolate vitamuffin + drippy sunflower butter.

IMG 1127

Sneaky movie snack!  Bought from the health food store next door, snuck in, and shared with a friend.  Hey, it’s vegan too!

Something I do when I’m feeling really gross is dress nicely, to make myself feel like less of a bum. What I wore:

IMG 1115IMG 1118

funky smile, but I didn’t get a good picture. dress – H&M, shirt – H&M, belt – Akira. Later donned my fit flops and mini backpack from Urban Outfitters!

What was the best thing you ate today?

What are some things you do to feel better on days when you feel gross? I’m always looking for tips 🙂

Happy Wednesday, foodies.


13 thoughts on “WIAW, round two

  1. I love love love those cookies. All your eats look delicioius. Deep chocolate vitamuffins are my FAVORITE. okay I lied I haven’t tried any other types because it’s the only kind I can find but I’m sure the others are amazing too. I also like to dress up when I’m feeling gross 😀 You look stunning in the dress. Keep it up girl<3

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