When Did August Happen?

I’ve been inspired, again.  This time, by the who-knows-how-many healthy living bloggers that post their monthly goals.  So guess what I’m going to do here?  Well, I’m going to post some goals of my own, of course.  While I’ve often made mental goals and checklists, by posting them here I have a feeling that I’ll be more inclined to stick to them.

  • Variation: This applies to both fitness and food.  Fitness: vary my workouts, and never do the same thing more than twice a week.  My body and mind will thank me, hopefully.  Food: vary the foods I eat.  While there is nothing wrong with eating the same things everyday, I find that I am more satisfied with what I am eating when there is more variety involved.
  • Go with the Flow: Be more open to change in routine.  Unexpected things are bound to happen now and again, so I am going to try being flexible and not let it get to me as much.  I’ll post on here at least one instance of this – a critique of myself, per se.
  • Take real rest days, and enjoy them: I have a really difficult time not feeling guilty on rest days.  I deserve those rest days, and I aim to kick back and just enjoy them, guilt-free. At least one per week.
  • Get back into academia: I had this grand plan this summer to do a ton of programming and physics projects, but of course, ended up writing this blog instead.  For this last month, my goal is to get to the second level of project euler, a numeric or programming challenge.  No more online TV watching or recipe searching! (kidding about that last bit)
  • Fitness goals: be able to do 10 real push ups – no more of those silly knees, take a dance class at least once this month, stretch every day – after workout or before bed or both
  • Water: drink more, period.  Don’t forget to hydrate, especially when I think I’m hungry even though I just ate.
  • Limit up-and-down episodes: If I have the urge to eat everything in sight, first drink one full glass of water.  Then go for the veggies and fruits, then for the cravings – but don’t neglect the cravings

I know this is a scattered list, but I’m not expecting to complete every single one perfectly this month.  This may slightly defeat the purpose of setting goals with a deadline, but I don’t want the pressure of getting through every goal to get in the way of my reasons for choosing them.  Find a balance, be healthy. And of course, have a little treat now and then.

IMG 1110

What are your August goals?

[[also, what do you think of my new header?!?!]]


10 thoughts on “When Did August Happen?

  1. I love the new header! I noticed it as soon as I clicked on your post. I also think I need that chai chocolate in my life.. I’ve never seen that flavor!

    I like the pushup goal! I remember when I could barely do any pushups.. now I can do tons of them! It makes you feel really strong. Don’t give up!!

  2. Love hte goals!

    Mine are still in progress… just waiting on confirmation from my coach and then it’s go time! (well okay, I”m already working on them… just in case it’s finalized!)

  3. Great goals Rachel! And I love the new header, lots of yummy food and your beautiful smile in the corner.

    I remember the days when I could do 100+ push ups with a sweat…well maybe not WITHOUT a sweat but still it was just generally expected of me. I used to be the little blonde chick who bet the army recruits in my high school that I could do 50 push ups…if they gave me a prize of course, then I was a little ass and did them on my knuckles with one leg (not that I ever really wanted a camo “ARMY” water bottle or keychain, I just like messing with people) Now I can only do ~15 on my hands or ~20 on my knuckles without wanting to stop. (yes I did just go count) I was just informed I may be testing for my 2nd degree at the end of August so push ups are definitely on my goals list as well!

    You know what’s great about August??? I’ll get to see you before the end of it!!!!! XD

  4. I like the pushup goal. I have been doing more pushups but revert back to the “girly ones” I’m going to take a page from your book and work on this one also.

  5. Yay for doing real push-ups! That is awesome. It took me a while to be able to ‘real’ push-ups and I still struggle but it is so mentally rewarding for me 🙂 And love the new header!!


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