Life of a Snacker

Relax, Refresh, Re-Discover.

That’s pretty much what I did this weekend, and I’m so glad it worked out – downward spiral averted!

I went to two dance classes at my gym.  Zumba early saturday was so fun! I forgot how much I love it, I wish there were more classes available to me.  Today I did a ‘Dance Experience’ class at the gym.  It was really easy for me technically (I’ve danced on and off for most of my life), but was still a fun and much-needed physical reset.  I’m so ready to go back to workouts tomorrow.

I’ve done better about cutting my added sugar intake as well, aided by my re-discovery of an eating style that better suits me.

Eat less, more often. I’ve seen a bunch of bloggers writing about the New Rules of Lifting for Women, and while I haven’t bought this book, one of the things I’ve heard it talks about is eating 5 times a day.

When I started to lose my freshman 15+ weight this past year, one of the few things I remember working for me was eating more often. Why it works for me:

  • I think about food often – waiting to eat is hard!
  • if I get too hungry, I’m much more likely to binge eat
  • I don’t have a very fast metabolism, so eating often keeps it going
  • I can avoid feeling ‘too full’, which often triggers eating-related guilt
  • It’s fun, and gives me more chances to experiment with food!

Please do not interpret this the wrong way – I am not dieting or cutting calories, I’m only adjusting my eating style.  So far, so good.  Some notable mini-meals from the weekend:

IMG 1086

Leanne’s apple-cinnamon quinoa flake bake, with some chopped nectarines.

IMG 1091

Doughy-cereal: TJ’s blueberry muesli soaked for 5 min in almond milk, sun warrior, toasted buckwheat, chopped nectarine, cinnamon.

IMG 1010

tofu ‘egg’ breakfast taco, on sprouted grain tortilla

IMG 1098

veggie ‘tostada’: sprouted grain tortilla, leafy greens – sprayed with oil, 1 plum tomato (perfectly ripe!) cheese, or vegan melty cheeze substitute, salt and pepper, toasted for 10ish minutes – crunch and perfectly satisfying!

Pre workout:

IMG 1083

coffee with soy milk, banana, 1 or more big glasses of water – at least 30 mins before exercise.

Post workout – directly after a particularly long or hard workout, does not replace a meal:

IMG 1084

sun warrior + almond milk (or water), shaken in my fantastic blender bottle!

I had noticed before that I was trying really hard to fit the common breakfast-lunch-dinner eating style.  There were times then when I would get so hungry, and just want to eat everything in sight – and I’m not great with control when I’m that hungry.  I’m going to do the best I can to eat smaller, more frequent mini-meals, so far it’s made me much happier, and slightly less food-obsessed 24/7 (not that it’s really a bad thing…)

What eating style works best for you? I’m really interested to hear what works for you all, as everybody probably does something slightly different!

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10 thoughts on “Life of a Snacker

  1. I am definitely a snack-often gal, myself. My meals aren’t very large, but I snack often and if I get hungry I just eat more. I’d much rather that, than eat 3 large meals! Glad you’ve found something that works for you, too! The quinoa flake bake is calling my name…

  2. My eating habits tend to adjust to my work schedules. You’ve seen me at school I start classes at 8am then between class and work I don’t leave the physics building until about 2am generally. This lends itself to snacking and mini meals throughout the day, with one main meal at ~7ish. In Manchester this summer all the physicists work on a 9 to 5 schedule (weird right?) then they take a break at 10:15 for tea and an hour at 13:00 for lunch. This lead me to a much more scheduled eating habit. We’ll just have to see whats gonna happen when classes start again….

  3. The quinoa bake looks fantastic! Leanne has great recipes. 🙂
    When I’m at school, I tend to eat three medium sized meals and a snack. I’m pretty busy with classes, volunteer work, job and such so it’s just easier for me to eat that way. At home, I tend to eat more snacks.

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