Lately I’ve…

Reminder! On August 1st (this monday, well – midnight sunday) I’m switching domains to See you there 🙂

Today’s post is practically directionless, but brings updates of all kinds!

Lately I’ve been working out:

I tried a crazy hard new-to-me class at my awesome gym – Brick! Cycle / Tread. It’s a one hour interval training class, split into 4 pieces – about 15 minutes cycle, 15 minutes treadmills, repeat.  We have 3 minutes to go between disciplines, which includes going either up or down 3 flights of stairs.  It was probably the fastest hour of cardio I’ve ever done, and I was so spent by the end.  I hope I can go back, I usually have to work Wednesday evenings 😦

I’ve also been loving interval workouts, courtesy of BodyRock and this little guy:

Photo on 2011 07 20 at 23 47

I’ve even started using it for my upper body weight circuits, and it makes it so much more fun and harder too!

Lately I’ve been sipping on:

IMG 1059

IMG 1060

Green tea with almond milk, stevia, and lemon – this one from Argo Tea (love!).  It’s amazing how refreshing this combo is.

Lately I’ve followed a fashion trend:

IMG 1072

yes, that is crackle nail polish.  yes, sometimes I’m a follower – but only when I want to be one! This stuff is seriously really cool…

Lately I’ve snuggled a puppy:

IMG 1070

Because she’s just too cute not to!

Lately I’ve had dessert:

IMG 1063

Mom bought Sweet and Sara marshmallows and WF chocolate graham cookie sandwiches.  Toasted to perfection (well, slightly burnt…).

Lately I’ve eaten some healthy stuff too:

IMG 1016

like this kale salad!

Finish this sentence: Lately I’ve…

What have you been up to lately?


3 thoughts on “Lately I’ve…

  1. I love my gymboss… of the best fitness items I own because I can take it everywhere.

    I love the nails…guess I am out of the loop because I have not seen that before.

  2. That work out class sounds fantastic! I love the crackle polish in metallic! I bought a black one, but then ended up not liking it on!

    Lately, I’ve been wishing that time would slow down a bit because every week just flies by!

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