Lazy Saturday

Today was rather… uneventful. But I do like days like this every so often, and today was a good one. I had to drive my sister to a train this morning, so today’s workout was later than usual – I even ate a real breakfast before hand!

I know it’s always better to do a workout with something in your stomach, but when I do it first thing in the morning I always feel sluggish and have digestion issues – unless I have at least an hour digest a meal. My early morning pre-workout fuel: 1 cup (or less) of coffee with unsweetened soy milk, and 1/2 to a whole banana, depending on how hungry I am.

Time to re-stock on some favorites!

Involving trip to TJ’s of course,  where I finally got some real cereal.

We’ll see how it is, I’ve never been a huge fan of cereal, but this looked good, whole, and simple (and cheap!) so I figured I’d give it a try.

Notable eats:

Veggie plate with sauteed tempeh – in water, 2-4 mins each side. Doing this retains the raw flavor, but softens it up a bit and takes away some of the bitterness. Served with quick savory yogurt sauce: 1/2 serving greek yogurt, 1T nooch, 1t tamari or Bragg’s, 1/2 t tahini, herbs and spices to taste (i used basil)

I love these fresh veggies on hot summer days.

Some notes:

  • if you haven’t yet, follow me on twitter!
  • Also, I now own (excitement!) and will be switching domains in August 1st. Yes, that is next week. I’ll keep posting reminders.
  • I’m going to start working on a recipe page, once I get a few more posted
  • Any requests for types of posts you’d like to see more of on here?

Also, I’ve decided I’m going to try to limit my sugar for the next day or two – I’ve been slightly crazy for the sugar, and I want to curb that addiction before it really gets bad.

What is your pre-workout fuel of choice?

What is your favorite quick, light summer lunch?


2 thoughts on “Lazy Saturday

  1. I love seeing other peoples food staples, it almost cures my curiosity as much as WIAWs! I can eat a big big breakfast about 50 minutes before going for a run, but some work mornings when I don’t have 50 minutes to wait I only have an apple about 10 minutes before leaving. Any more and I will cramp up.

  2. Wow…that tofu looks good! It looks like bread!

    I can usually work out at just about any time after eating, depending on what I ate. I can’t eat a real heavy breakfast, though, unless I have a few hours to digest (and I don’t really have that luxury because of the heat) but my usual go-to breakfast is 3/4 c. oatmeal with some fruit. I usually exercise about an hour later, but I could probably exercise earlier if I wanted to.

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