Fitness in Lists

So after that foodie-overload post, I figure it’s time to write a post centered around fitness.  I’m deviating from my roots a bit, this is the first post that does not contain a single picture of food!

For me, fitness has become part of a routine.  While this is really good in some ways, it makes it really difficult to keep up the exercise when the routine falls apart.  I haven’t had many days in a row (not counting one or two here and there) where my routine changed drastically, until my trip.

What I did to stay on track:

  • walk everywhere I could – within a reasonable distance
  • dress comfortably, so I could move easily
  • bodyrock HIIT workouts in the morning
  • resistance band strength exercises
  • stretch every day (didn’t quite make it)

Even doing these things, I felt my strength and endurance slipping.  It did not feel very good, but I opted to just go with it, and enjoy my vacation.  I’m starting to realize that I really enjoy going to the gym, and for some reason it forces me to push myself harder than when I work out at home. Would I love not to have to go anywhere to work out? Yes. Do I hate it? No, especially because of how I feel afterwards.  I think that as time passes, I’ll get better at pushing myself – not because I feel the need to stay in shape, but because I love the after-workout, sweaty, energized feeling.

First step at pushing harder during at home workouts, investing in a real interval timer!

Photo on 2011 07 20 at 23 47

Thank you, photobooth. Yes, I know the label is backwards, but I’ve given my lovely camera a bit of a rest day.  Basically I’m too lazy to take it out today.

Even though I’m back to my ‘normal routine’, there are a few things bringing me down:

  • lost strength, muscle and endurance this past week
  • I’ve gained more weight, slipping more on eating habits
  • the awful sunburn down my entire front – making workouts painful and slow
  • lack of ab / core work, because of the horrible sunburn
  • I did something to my right foot, and now it hurts to bend it back, and when I put pressure on it there is something rubbing / grinding as well.  I just really hope I didn’t screw anything up too horribly

I’m going to try getting back into the workouts I love. Including:

  • elliptical and treadmill intervals
  • stair stepper
  • heavy arm and shoulder weights
  • pilates
  • weight circuits
  • stretch / yoga
  • dance (?)
  • biking outdoors
  • getting more into running

How I’m going to get there:

  • I’m now making it a point not to push too hard
  • I’m going to ease back into it, and not expect immediate results
  • I’m going to stop if something hurts
  • I’m going to listen to my body, and do what it wants
  • I’m going to have fun and feel good

Tomorrow’s workout plan: stair stepper, running stride elliptical, low movement / impact core – planks, legs, etc.

How do you get back on track after a week or so of falling out of your ‘exercise groove’?


5 thoughts on “Fitness in Lists

  1. A week really shouldn’t throw your body off too much. Your strength, endurance, etc. is all still there for the most part. You just need to give yourself a little kick in the butt and deal with a little soreness for a while. It hurts (in a “good” way) but I always feel better when i push through. Getting back into running shape after 5 weeks without it was rough, but I think I may have benefitted from the break… after my butt stopped hurting! haha!

  2. I’m sure you’ll be able to get back on track again! 🙂 a week isn’t that long, and I’m sure you didn’t lose much, if any, fitness.

  3. I know what you mean about feeling like your strength and endurance are slipping after a week of no workouts, but it’ll turn out fine! I didn’t exercise for a month except for walking places when I studied in Europe earlier this summer. To my surprise, I didn’t lose too much fitness. Just think, now you have some real motivation to get yourself back up to where you were.

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