San Francisco Roundup – food edition!

As promised, here is the food part of my trip summary.  But this is only the San Francisco part of the trip, there will be a separate post (or posts) for the Marin part.  I’ve just had too much good food, and it could not possibly be contained in one single post.

IMG 0647

Chocolate covered strawberry, with ghirardelli chocolate of course.

Wednesday night, my dad and cousin and I went to a restaurant called the Slanted Door.  It was beyond amazing.

IMG 0672

green papaya salad with pickled carrots, tofu, caramelized shallots, and roasted peanuts.

IMG 0673

steamed kale, with garlic and some light sauce, I can’t remember what it was…

IMG 0674

cellophane noodles with dungeness crab.  We had a few other things as well, but these were some of the highlights.

The next day, my dad and I had lunch at a little place on the Haight called Blue Front Cafe.

IMG 0710

IMG 0706

I had a vegetarian hummus wrap with eggplant, sun-dried tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers in a lavash wrap.  It was huge, way too much food, but so worth it.

While wandering around the city on my way to the golden gate bridge, I happened on this little place.

IMG 0712

IMG 0718

mini vegan raspberry cupcake with peanut butter frosting, and kombucha from the tap mixed with carrot ginger juice.   Tiny, but a perfect little afternoon pick-me-up.

For my last lunch in the city, I went out to lunch with some family at Green’s.  I’m just going to let the pictures do the talking.

IMG 0777

IMG 0779

first – tofu spring rolls, asian mushroom garnish, hoisin sauce.

IMG 0781

Main – the sampler plate! All local, organic produce.  Tabouleh with heirloom tomatoes, arugula and beet salad, hummus, grilled squash, marinated feta, grilled pita and olives.  Absolutely perfect.

IMG 0785

vegan berry-apricot crisp with almond sorbet. This blew my mind!

The very last stop in SF, vegan froyo!

IMG 0789

IMG 0795

Mine on the left – organic soy froyo with blueberries, toasted almonds, coconut, and shaved chocolate.  Erin’s on the right – same with granola instead of almonds.  We definitely need more of this in the world.

From your comments, you all have been to some really great places, and everyone seems to love Europe!  As do I 🙂

What was the best thing you did / ate this weekend?


3 thoughts on “San Francisco Roundup – food edition!

  1. jealous jealous jealous jealous jealous! lol no it looks like you’ve had a wonderful time. We need to go back there together some day.

  2. oh my gosh!!!!!!!! invite me next time pleaseeeeeee so i can have all that wonderful food!
    so jealouss!

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