San Francisco Roundup – sightseeing edition!

I’ve decided to do separate posts recapping my trip – one for sites, and one for food.  Maybe more for food, we shall see.  That way you can skip the sightseeing one if you’re so inclined :-P. In all seriousness, I just have way too many pictures and things to say to fit it all in one entry.

Here is a little summary of my wanderings in San Francisco, in pictures!

IMG 0540

the BART train

IMG 0547

the cable car

IMG 0558

IMG 0589


IMG 0607

IMG 0617

Lombard street, the crooked-est street in the world!

IMG 0623

up close 🙂

IMG 0634

a California favorite, I did not go in.

IMG 0640

IMG 0639

Ghirardelli square! Chocolate = love.

IMG 0659

The Embarcadero.  I wish I had a real picture of the coast, but none of them really turned out.

IMG 0679

the Haight. Such a cool street / area.

IMG 0737

IMG 0738

golden gate bridge, of course.

IMG 0746

Alcatraz, a view from the bridge.

IMG 0766

I walked across the bridge, all the way to the Marin County line – where I am now, having a wonderful time!  Many more travel posts to come.

What’s your favorite tourist-y sight, anywhere in the world?


8 thoughts on “San Francisco Roundup – sightseeing edition!

  1. I have never been to SF before. My favorite touristy site…. that’s hard. Hmmmm. I loved China and Japan and spent a few years in South Korea but those aren’t your typical “tourist” places I think…except for maybe China and the Great Wall

  2. I would love to go to San fran! My favorite Touristy place is Barcelona, Spain though; it’s gorgeous!!

  3. Oooh i just went to san francisco in april! I tried to run lombard street… it was painful. It didn’t take long for me to turn around! My favorite place I’ve been as a tourist is Barcelona. It is gorgeous!!!

  4. I’ve never seen the golden gate on such a beautiful day. I’m jealous, I love San Francisco so much hope you got something good in Ghirardelli

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