I’m Off!

Hey there! I’m writing this from the plane to SFO, I will post as soon as I have access to the internet.

Did I mention earlier that I’m a nervous traveler? Well, I am, and today’s shenanigans did not help ease any of that anxiety.  I barely slept last night with so many lists and things running through my head.  Did I forget this? or that?  Am I going to the right airport? Do I have the right flight time?  This is just the usual stuff, and by the time I get to the security line I’m totally fine.

Today however, the line was slow, and well over 100 people long.  Plus, they only had two screening lanes open! Sometimes I really don’t understand United airlines.  I got to the airport a little over an hour before my flight was scheduled to take off, and barely made it to the gate within the last 5 minutes of boarding.  I know it was not something to stress over – the speed of the line was well out of my control.  I’m learning.

Some of my travel essentials:

IMG 0534

Kor eco-friendly, BPA free giant water bottle.  I take this guy everywhere, even to the gym.

IMG 0535

Yes to Cucumbers facial towelettes.  Works wonderfully as a makeup remover, or just a face wash when you don’t have full access to a bathroom.

IMG 0538

Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 unscented castile soap.  Seriously, the best multi-use soap ever.

IMG 0536

Mineral sunscreen, spf 30+.  If you’re as white as I am, this is a must.

IMG 0537

Bug spray, just in case.  Mosquito’s really like me this year.

IMG 0533

The emergency stash.  Just a few things to keep me from buying overpriced airport food or snacking on whatever I find in an instant when I get really hungry.  Four new (!) clif bar flavors (just at the maple nut one, really good, but a little too sugary), justin’s nut butter packets, some PB and cacao bliss packets, Go Raw flax crackers, and Navitas raw trail mix.  I’m not sure why I like to eat raw snacks on-the-go, but it’s become a habit.

What are some of your travel essentials?

UPDATES: 9:45pm PST, in Russian Hill, SF

Sorry for such a late post, I was not at the computer all day.  Touring the city today was awesome – although my legs may not think so tomorrow! That’s a great workout, walking the hills of San Francisco.  I’ll do a roundup post some time this weekend.


6 thoughts on “I’m Off!

  1. you will have a wonderful trip! I am a nervous traveler as well… but also very excited!
    You pack like I do! I love badgers sunscreen! 🙂 i so wish we had Justins sqeeze packs in Canada..

  2. Wow you are incredibly prepared! I always forget the little things like that, but pack waaaaaay more clothes than I would ever need!
    My essentials are my running gear (shoes, clothes, garmin), anti bacterial wipes, salt and pepper packets (underseasoned food = nasty) along with plenty of snacks, and tons of magazines!

  3. I’m liking the Clif Bar flavors!! Wow, the peanut butter/almond butter packets seem so convenient! I might have to bring some to cross country camp this year!

    My travel essentials are just the basic stuff- clothes, toiletries, blah blah blah, plus my phone/charger, iPod, and Garmin! And print-outs of running routes that I plan on doing (from mapmyrun.com) haha.

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