So Much to Say!

I should have posted yesterday, I have so many queued photos and things to write about! I’ll try to limit this post to this week’s new finds 🙂

foodie/cool-new-place-discovery: Which Wich is beyond awesome!

IMG 0460

Which Wich is a sandwich shop in the mall where I work.  Until this week, I had no idea that they had awesome vegetarian (vegan too!) options, you can get the contents of your sandwich on a bed of lettuce, and it’s fully customizable.

IMG 0424

This was my salad ‘wich from Wednesday.  I chose the black bean patty, added avocado (for an extra dollar…), and got some hummus, mushrooms, cucumbers, tomatoes, deli mustard and a few other things.

IMG 0429

Yesterday’s salad.  I actually had one today too that looked very similar to this.  Very much the same as yesterday minus the avocado, and I added peperoncinis,  pickles, and some oregano.  I had to stop myself from eating the entire thing in one sitting because it was huge.  All of this food for barely $6 – with my employee discount which I only just found out about today.

foodie re-discovery: Everything chia.  This isn’t really a discovery so much as an obsession-du-jour, but I’ve tried a few new ways to enjoy these little guys.

IMG 0420

A cup of chia seed gel, which I used to make this glorious banana-chia smoothie.

IMG 0423

It gave the smoothie a great texture and a bit of added thickness that makes smoothies-in-bowls much more enjoyable.

IMG 0426

Peppermint-vanilla chia pudding, inspired by Averie’s recipe.  I added one scoop of sun warrior vanilla and a little more almond milk.  I didn’t sweeten with anything, but next time I would probably add a few drops of vanilla stevia.

techie-discovery: [[disclaimer: I was in NO WAY paid to do this review, and am not endorsed by the company.  This is the first of my tech reviews!]] Reeder for Mac OSX.  The is probably the best $10 I have ever spent on an app, but it is seriously worth it!

Screen shot 2011 07 08 at 9 04 11 PM


If you (like me!) have a Mac and use google reader for blog surfing, this has cut down on the amount of time I spend navigating the native google reader web interface.  It syncs everything perfectly and effortlessly.  It has a built-in browser, and can also interact with things like Instapaper and Readability (I don’t use these).  I’m not going to go too much into the tech specs on here but feel free to email me if you want to ask me any more questions.

Basically, I’ve jumped on the app-train – but apps really do make so many things easier.

…recipe teasers!

IMG 0433

IMG 0455

two scaled up recipes from two awesome bloggers, posts to come in the next few days!

How was your week?

Learn anything new?

Discovering anything really cool?


3 thoughts on “So Much to Say!

  1. AHHH MUFFINS!! I’m excited to see what you made!! I’m also really jealous of your huge salads being a fellow salad lover. I wish I had peperoncinis to add to mine!
    I love chia seeds in baking — they are an awesome replacement for eggs! I’m not the biggest fan of chia pudding though. I like them to thicken up overnight oats though!

  2. Thanks for the tip on the app- I’m a mac user too and get frustrated by google reader! The muffins in your teaser look reaaaaallly good- and they look like they might be berry flavored- I sure have lots of berries since they are so good right now!

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