It’s a Green Day

Looking through my photos from today, I noticed a little theme – green! So today’s post features green.

This morning we went to the green city market, where we saw tons of delicious, leafy greens.

IMG 0410

IMG 0411

And some pretty greens (and yellows too).

IMG 0412

We bought some delicious greens, (and some root veggies too).

IMG 0413

Mom’s green bag, bursting with fresh greens.

IMG 0414

Greens (plus berries and cherries) at home.

Before my workout, I decided to try something new for energy – yup, greens!

IMG 0416

I quite enjoyed this, actually.  I mixed it with 6oz. of water, and the green taste was not nearly as overwhelming as I was anticipating.

[breakfast was not green, so it is not pictured today]

Lunch was green!

IMG 0424

Huge salad from Which Wich – which will be featured in this week’s discovery post… stay tuned!

What’s your favorite edible green?


4 thoughts on “It’s a Green Day

  1. Green is one of my favorite colors, so this post is officially awesome. I love the amazing grass chocolate flavor! I’ve never tried the regular stuff.. I have a packet of it though. Maybe I’ll have to try it straight up like you did.
    My favorite edible green? Right now it’s brussel sprouts!

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