Things Catch Up

It’s friday already? This only means, time for me to be really cheesy and post some [dot dot dot] discoveries!

foodie-discovery: The most filling, voluminous dinner I’ve had in a while.

IMG 0347

This is a monstrous salad from our favorite neighborhood creative Italian place, Rose Angelis.  Almost everything on there has copious amounts of butter, cream, and cheese – and I was really not in the mood to eat any of that stuff.  They always serve a giant salad like this one as a special, but in all my years of coming here, I’ve never ordered it.  So glad I changed that.

summer-fun-discovery: new favorite summer nail polish color.

IMG 0334

enough said.

self-discovery: Yes, this is the second week in a row I’m doing one of these, but that’s part of the reason I created this blog.  I’m gaining weight again – and no, it’s not muscle, I haven’t even looked at a scale.  I can see and feel it in my thighs, arms and middle, and it’s throwing me off.  I have tried to eat and exercise intuitively, but I’m not sure my brain and body are quite communicating.  I did recently stop chewing gum, but I’m not sure that is the cause.  My schedule with work and meals has been really off (on a normal, afternoon work day I eat ‘lunch’ at around 4 and ‘dinner’ around 9…).  I have very little consistency at the moment, and it’s been harder to gauge my eats.  It’s taking everything in me now not to break down with guilt and self-doubt.  I’m turning to the blog world here, because I know there are people out there that can identify issues like these.

I hate being such a downer, but part of me trying to repair my relationship with food comes with not hiding anything anymore.  So here I am, telling it all!

Headed to the family’s beach house tomorrow, after a day of working the booth at the Taste of Chicago. Happy Canada day, and 4th of July weekend!

Got any awesome weekend plans? do tell!


4 thoughts on “Things Catch Up

  1. I totally know the feeling. You’re not alone. I am working hard to stop gaining weight and to lose the excess weight I have. Sadly, I can’t do intuitive eating because I either don’t eat enough or eat way too much. I need to fix my relationship with food too. And don’t worry-you’re not being a downer!

  2. Look Rach, don’t get discouraged, that’ll only ever hurt you in the end. I understand how you feel. I’m still nearly 20 lbs heavier than when I started college, and it seems like every time I start to make any progress and feel any better about myself something new is there to throw me off my grove. As soon as I hit a failed exam, or a break up or just an all around sucky day ghosts come back into my head and I start to doubt myself. You’re a gorgeous brainiac with an amazing personality; we all have these days. Just remember all the progress you’ve made to get here, keep up what you’ve been doing and you’ll pull through. And remember in a few months we’ll have each other to lean on which I hope will make keeping up with health during what’s going to be a difficult school year much more manageable.


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