Mix Mashed

Holy hail! It just got done hailing, thundering and lightning-ing(?) like crazy… I wish I could have captured it on camera.  Anyways, there is no real direction to this post, so here is my day in pictures.

After my Tread It! (killer) and strength workout, I had eggs and toast, but was too hungry to stop and photograph. Sorry for the teaser!

Then, feeling inspired by Chelsey’s recipe, I decided to use some of the farmer’s market tofu make some tofu salad / sandwich filling.

IMG 0303

I made quite a few changes to her recipe, but I’m not entirely sure I like it enough to post my version.

IMG 0305IMG 0307

Eaten on a sprouted grain wrap with green city market red leaf lettuce.

Then I went downtown to meet a couple of friends, and took a tourist-y picture.

IMG 0308

The bean (Cloudgate) in Millenium Park.

We stopped at Yogen Früz, and it was glorious.

IMG 0310

They have these special machines that let you mix frozen fruit in with your yogurt.  I got the probiotic vanilla base with papaya and mango. With chocolate on top, of course.

We wandered a bit, then ended up in Millenium park again, where I saw this:

IMG 0311

Summer power nap… attractive.

I came home to this lovely dinner.

IMG 0314

See you tomorrow, for some new discoveries.


4 thoughts on “Mix Mashed

  1. omg your brekkie looks AMAZING!!!! seriously, and that granola-so simple and yumtastic looking!! I’m so happy I found your blog-you are so cute and I can’t wait to read more!! xoxo wait, this isn’t the same post..oh well, that salad looks UNREAL though too! I won’t to come eat it with you:) hehe

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