Market Day

Today was a ‘take-it-easy’ day.  I’m learning and trying not to push my body too hard when I need a chill day.  I’m doing better every day at managing the unnecessary guilt, but it’s another work in progress.  I can safely say it’s been over a month since I stepped on a scale!

The morning started off slow, but eventually we got to the green city market.  On the walk over there, I noticed that one of the really good, fast, deli lunch places in the neighborhood turned into this.

Apparently it’s freakin’ delicious.  I am skeptical.

Since it is peak season for strawberries, today was the strawberry festival at the market.  They had this neat little tasting table out, so we could try the different varieties of the fruit and see which vendors we wanted to buy from.

And they all had different characteristic tastes! I had no idea there were so many varieties – hey, I learned something new today.  These were one of our favorites from the taste test.

They were wild strawberries, tiny but tasty.  When we got to the vendor, however, we found that some restaurant owner had come through and bought a large number of them, and they were already sold out.  We still bought some other strawberries, to make a tasty summer dessert (teaser :-D).

I discovered some other really cool things at this market. Like these:

I didn’t stop to see what these were. Does anyone know?

I also found (and loved) this.

It was only about 11am which is usually when I eat my post-workout breakfast, but breakfast today was light and this looked too good to pass up.  I decided on the hummus wrap.

sprouted chickpea hummus, carrots, cucumbers, sprouts (fresh-cut!), tomatoes, and carrot curry sauce on a sprouted grain tortilla – I’m pretty sure it was all raw as well.  My mom and I split this, and had a bite of fresh kale salad to along with it.

This was from the chef’s demo station.  The dressing was not overwhelming, but made the kale tender and refreshing.  The marcona almonds were a fantastic touch of course.  The chef gave out copies of the recipe, I definitely want to keep that one on hand.

We spent the rest of the day doing a few little errands and thinking up dinner (and dessert).  Among the errands, we found a really great deal on a much-needed, shiny, new toaster oven.

(note the reflection of our dinner preparations. definitely shiny)

Dinner ended up being stir fried chicken and veggies – organic bok choy and mushrooms – with wild rice (cooked by mom).  I wanted brown rice, but we didn’t have time to cook it.

For dessert we decided on a strawberry rhubarb crisp.  I found this recipe (thank you, foodgawker) and it was amazing.  The freshly ground spices made the entire kitchen smell so good, it was well worth the 10+ minutes of shelling cardamom seeds.

after baking:

I ate mine with a cold glass of sugar-free vanilla coconut milk from last night’s whole foods run.  It was an amazing summer treat, and easily veganized by substituting Earth Balance or other vegan margarine for the butter in the topping.  If I was making this just for me, I most likely would have made this substitution, but it was for the family, so we made it traditional.

I’m looking forward to having some of the leftovers as a breakfast topping tomorrow 🙂

What’s your favorite way to cook strawberries? What’s your favorite summer dessert to make?  I haven’t done much cooking with strawberries (or any with rhubarb), but this is now on the favorites list.


4 thoughts on “Market Day

  1. First: at home we call those “spring onions” not sure that’s the actual term for them, but that’s how we refer to them in our garden.

    My favorite way to cook strawberries combines with my favorite summer dessert AND my favorite rhubarb recipe. This is one my mother (the amazing chef) altered from a traditional victoria rhubarb sauce (can be found online). This sauce is traditionally eaten on meat but if you use strawberries rather than rasins and forget about the pesky onion you’ve got a delicious sauce you can eat over homemade ice cream or sponge cake. This is always a hit at parties and a great way to use up the season’s surplus of rhubarb.

    If you give me a few days I can give you the actual recipe, however my food bible is currently in the states, but like I said if you look up a traditional “victoria sauce” and make the alterations mentioned above you should be fine.

  2. That hummus wrap looks ridiculously good. Now I’m really wishing I had brought a wrap for lunch today!

    I’ve never cooked strawberries – but my favorite summer strawberry dessert is simple strawberry shortcake. Always delicious! 🙂

  3. I’m jealous of your toaster oven. I actually really wish I had one.

    Irecently made a strawberry pie. It was pretty good, I was surprised because I had never had strawberry pie before. I honestly just love strawberries straight up. They’re so sweet and delicious!

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