Midwestern Eating

So I barely had any free time this weekend to write a post.  I seriously need to work on my blog-writing efficiency.

Anyway, I spent most of the weekend working at the café’s booth at Chicago’s Taste of Randolph street festival.  This particular festival features vendors who are all located somewhere along Randolph street.  People mostly come for the food, but there are other retail booths as well.

I learned something very interesting about the stereotypical person in the midwest. [[note: this is by NO MEANS applicable to ALL people here, just a select group]].  Apparently we love our meat and cheese.  People look at you like you have your head on backwards if you ask them if there are any booths serving healthy food at this street festival! Yes, the booth I worked at is relatively healthy (frozen kefir and smoothies, all natural), but I wanted some real, savory food.  Right before going to work, I didn’t leave enough time to eat a full meal, so I got some snacks on the way.

Coconut water for extra hydration, as I was on my feet outside for most of the day.  I also discovered these fantastic little treats – nut butter protein balls! This is something I am definitely going to have to create a recipe for.

I had never tried one of these before.  While it definitely kept me full, I have to say I am not a big fan of the taste.  I’d rather have a Larabar or Raw Revolution bar.

On my break I did manage to find some good, real food to eat – but for some reason my phone decided not to save the pictures.  I had two little salads – a steamed kale salad with carrots, bell peppers and corn, and a hoppin’ john salad with brown rice, black-eyed peas, peanuts, scallions and a light vinaigrette.  These were really good, and really pretty! I wish I had pictures.  It make me laugh that the same booth was selling barbecue pork and chicken wings.

Since I was working all weekend, I (sadly) did not get to go with my family to our beach house in Michigan City, and did not get to spend father’s day with my dad.  I did get to see the family when they stopped by the festival for dinner.

Instead I did a little (vegan) baking.

Can you guess what these are? Hint: banana, not a muffin. I’ll post the recipe later this week.

Before work on sunday I was craving Whole Food’s salad bar.  On the drive there, I noticed that one of the traffic lights at the busiest intersections was not running – strange.  I pulled in the parking lot, and about a minute after I walked into the store, they announced that they were shutting down the market because of a power outage! This is one of the 3 largest Whole Foods stores in the world, and they are shutting it down on a sunday? That shocked me.  I grabbed some bananas and nut butter and got in line with the rest of the crowd. I guess my salad bar lunch wasn’t happening.

Now I’m off to shower after a pilates & stretch & strength workout.  Happy Monday!


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