Exhaustion and Satisfaction

Hey, it’s friday again! The day was decent… other than the fact that I was at work by 6am, then work until 2pm.  I’m almost past the tired phase.  I wasn’t really feeling up to going to the gym, so I did some BodyRock interval training workouts.  These are brutal, but really fun!  Tonight I went to dinner with the family to celebrate Dad’s birthday, at the amazing organic restaurant, Sprout.  For any Top Chef fans, the executive chef at the restaurant is Dave Levitski, a runner-up on season 3.

This week’s discoveries:

foodie discovery – brown rice cakes are an awesome, filling all-purpose food! [[and they’re vegan, whole grain, and gluten-free]] I had one with sunflower seed butter and cinnamon (and an apple) for a second breakfast during my busy day yesterday

and again with sunflower butter (somewhere in there), banana and cinnamon for a mid-afternoon, pre-workout snack.

cool-new-place discovery – Sprout. Despite the dinner being in honor of my dad, I think I was probably more content than anyone when the meal was over.  I wish I could afford this place on my own!

they have a 3 course prixe-fix menu

they gave us a ‘bubbly toast’ in honor of my Dad’s birthday.  Champagne for the adults, and a taste of ginger ale for those of us not quite old enough.

then we were given a taste of fresh baguette and bean purée butter. It was a little too rich for me, but delicious.

I decided to order the full 3 course meal (thank goodness the portions weren’t that big), and went the vegetarian route for the night.  My appetizer was a licorice infused salad with pear, goat cheese and macadamia nuts.

My dad got the octopus and chorizo appetizer – it was the prettiest, and certainly looked delicious.

Between the courses, we ‘cleansed our palate’ with a chilled soup of cucumber and melon – refreshing and adorable.

For my main course, I had the fettucine with black garlic, ramps, cherries, greens, goat cheese and cauliflower.  The goat cheese melted into the broth, and turned into a creamy sauce. It was just the right amount of food, and the right amount of flavor.

Before dessert, those of us that got the prixe-fix menu enjoyed a gourmet cheese course.

It was basically a really fancy grilled cheese (with apple!) served with a side of mustard and a fruity dessert beverage.  Mine, the non-alcoholic version, was a passionfruit purée that was beyond tasty.  I don’t usually like overly sweet, fruity drinks, but this was quite good.

Finally, dessert!

My mom and I got this one, the lemon dessert.  It was a lemon poppy-seed waffle with goat cheese gelato (I sense a goat cheese theme here tonight), blueberries, blackberries, figs, and maybe something else.

The chocolate plate – beyond words.  My dad and sister ordered this one, but I ended up finishing the bits they didn’t want.  Satisfied.

this-looks-cool discovery – the ‘L’ train is very photogenic.  Also the sky looks really neat right before it’s about to rain.

That’s all I can think of for this week.

Yup, definitely time for bed.






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