Ups and Downs

AHH! My thighs are screaming at me now.  After my cardio yesterday I did BodyRock’s 300 squat exercise challenge.  It took me 17:46… yeah, I’m slow.  Then this morning I did a 45 minute Tread It! class – we did hills.

Treadmill Hill Challenge:

  • 3min warm up – get up to comfortable jog, baseline
  • 2min hill climb – incline to 5, speed 1mph above baseline
  • 1min downhill – incline back to 1, speed up another .3 mph
  • 1min pull back – jog at baseline
  • 1min WORK – go all out, run as fast and hard as you can
  • 3min recovery – 2 minutes walking, 1 min at baseline jog

We did this 4 times through, and I think this is the hardest cardio workout I’ve done since I’ve been in decent shape.  Despite the awesome runner’s high, my legs are not thanking me.  Tomorrow will be more core & upper body work.

I really wanted to post yesterday, but I was having an off day and did not want my post to turn into a wash of negative energy.  As I wrote on my story page, I have dealt with some eating issues for a couple of years now, and yesterday I slipped back into some old habits.  I could not control my snacking, and how much good stuff I tried to eat, I couldn’t help but feel down.  This is the first ‘episode’ I’ve gone through in a few weeks, though, which is really good for me.

On a lighter note, I spent 3 hours yesterday tutoring my friend’s younger sister for her high school physics exam! This made me feel better about myself and my knowledge and gave me a good pick-me-up for the rest of the day!

This morning I tried my hand at popping amaranth again, and it came out so much better.  I made it a straw-nana breakfast recovery bowl:

Also in the bowl: sliced banana, soymilk, strawberries from green city market – some of the best strawberries I’ve ever had, 1/2 scoop vanilla sun warrior, agave nectar drizzle.

Later, my mom and I went to Franks ‘n Dawgs for lunch.  Chicago is known for its amazing hot dogs (no, I don’t really eat them anymore), and now a bunch of gourmet hot dog places around the city.  They make all kinds of sausages and combinations that are really good if you’re a meat lover.  [Click the link to find out more] I had the one vegetarian option, called the ‘Fu’

grilled marinated tofu (hiding), grilled caramelized mushrooms (also hiding), eggplant relish, italian salsa verde and chèvre – served in a thick grilled slice of bread.  Needless to say, this was a bit of a treat, but so worth it! I also had a side of the brussels sprout salad.

It also had blood orange oil, lemon zest, toasted pistachios, dill & parmesan cheese.  This was an amazing complement to the relatively greasy sandwich.  It tasted like a light, crunchy, citrusy cole slaw. I may have to make this on my own.

After lunch, we went Trader Joe’s right across from the restaurant.  Among the spoils I decided to try these:

Although it wasn’t quite frozen (ate it right when we got home), and definitely doesn’t taste as rich as real ice cream, I thought they were really good.  A perfect, light taste of chocolate – great for a summer treat!

Now I’m off to the kitchen – recipe to come later tonight.

(Hint: something asian and springy…)

What is your favorite summer frozen treat?


2 thoughts on “Ups and Downs

  1. I totally understand what it feels like after you have an “episode”, I’m trying to stop all of my “episodes” for good! I’ve never had tofu, so I have no idea what it tastes like! Awesome workout, by the way! That sounds like such a great workout! I’m going to run, go for a walk, hopefully bike (depends on weather and other obligations), and do some abs!

  2. Aw I’m sorry about the episode! Two steps forward, one step back. Use the negative to breed more positive in the future. Sometimes when I “relapse” I consider it a good thing because it makes me more determined and focused to bring myself further from detrimental behaviors.
    That slaw that accompanied your sandwich sounds so good! Who knew such a fancy little side could come from a hot dog place!

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